Blurb for Upcoming M/M E-Novel “Shadows Beneath”

Take a peek behind the cut at a blurb for my upcoming M/M E-Novel from APHRODITE’S APPLES

Shadows Beneath

An Erotic Tale of the Supernatural

Jesse Fox

Coming February 14, 2008
Aphrodite’s Apples, Take a Bite

History Repeats Itself


            In the small Mississippi River town of Bauman Creek, two star-crossed lovers met their end during one of the darkest times in the history of the United States. Over a century later, six academics arrive at the site of their demise, Evans House, a haunted place, to oversee an inheritance passed to the State of Illinois by the last of the Evans family.


Three People Come Face to Face With Fate


Tristan Pryce volunteers for the Evans House project hoping to use it to give his academic career a boost. Instead, he finds himself a victim of the shadows that lurk within the limestone walls, his world turned inside out, and his life in danger.

Ruled by logic, Catherine Mullin, a college senior, finds herself attracted to the handsome Tristan from the moment they meet. She discovers herself thrown into a world she refuses to accept, a world of spirits and magic, and a place that dredges up old pain.

Then there’s the man that Tristan finds himself attracted, too. Jake Bauman, Catherine’s cousin, a believer in a world of lost souls, magic, and evil. From the beginning, he senses the darkness lurking within the towering walls of Evans House, and Tristan’s connection to that darkness.


Secrets Can Never Be Buried Deep Enough


Through its dark halls amidst the shadows that seem to whisper, its secrets unfold one by one. Marcus Havers, a seasoned homicide investigator with the Illinois State Police, finds himself drawn into those secrets. Called in to investigate the violence unleashed within its walls, he discovers that science cannot always explain everything.

Gradually, these strangers are pulled deeper into a nightmare, one that some may not escape. Clues revealed with each page of history, uncover the secrets hidden away for over a century, secrets better left buried.

Amidst the darkness, the attraction between Tristan and Jake grows, one that may save or destroy both of them. Together they must face the darkness, survive a nightmare unleashed, and discover what lies hidden in the shadows if they are to survive.

They know you are here and they will not rest. Not until they receive what they desire. Be afraid of the shadows…


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