Excerpt from Lonely Gods & Broken Mortals

Just received the final galley copy last night of Masquerade: Collier House and I turned into a complete squealing dork at seeing my name on the cover. Who knew I could be pleased so easily. *web* Behind the cut is an excerpt from my contribution to the anthology. Take a peek and see what you will see–Masquerade: Collier House will be released on February 14, 2008 by Aphrodite’s Apples

I have to get back to writing now…

Excerpt from Lonely Gods & Broken Mortals

© 2008 Jesse Fox

            Ryan glanced at the driver questioningly and he tipped his hat with a smile, one that seemed knowing, not quite the smile of a normal driver. He turned away without a word, slipped back behind the wheel, and closed the door. Seconds later the limo vanished into the gathering darkness leaving Ryan to wonder exactly what he’d got himself into this time.

             His eyes drifted shut as he took a calming breath the sweet scent of magnolia filling his senses, and a part of him wanted to freeze that moment. He knew he couldn’t back away now. Hell, he wasn’t even sure where he was nor did he have the money to go back even if he chose too. Exhaling his eyes opened only to meet another pair of eyes that were the palest shade of blue he’d ever seen fringed by thick ebony lashes. Stumbling back in shock, he nearly fell on his ass only to have the man reach out to steady him.

             “Are you okay?”

 The stranger’s dark brows drew together in concern and Ryan shivered at the touch of the strong hand against his bare skin. There was a hint of an accent in his voice, something European, Ryan thought as he took in the man from head to toe. Tall although not as tall as Ryan and his broad shoulders stretched the crisp white linen of his shirt. His face was perfection and the artist in Ryan, that he’d thought long dead, lusted for that perfection—high cheekbones, square-jawed, and his lips. God, they were perfect for kissing and other things that had Ryan’s cheeks flushing with heat.


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