Adult M/M Except from ‘Shadows Beneath’

As promised below the cut is an adult m/m excerpt from my upcoming debut novel Shadows Beneath scheduled for release on February 14, 2008 by Aphrodite’s Apples.

Shadows Beneath is an erotic tale of the supernatural set against the back drop of a small Illinois town on the banks of the mighty Mississippi River. A tale of murder and betrayal, Shadows explores the devastation secrets can cause even after generations and how different people face the unthinkable. In this scene my two male leads find themselves in each other’s arms on the cliffs above the river even though both have doubts and questions about the hows and whys that led them to this point.

Enjoy and let me know what you think! 🙂

Excerpt from Shadows Beneath
© 2008 Jesse Fox

        “Why would you be afraid?” Tristan pulled back, pain shimmering in his eyes. “I would never hurt you.”
        “It’s not that. I’m scared of the emotions I’m feeling. What if these emotions don’t belong to me—what if they’re hers?”
        “Never,” He leaned forward, claiming Jake’s mouth once more. Pulling back, he swiped at his tears, catching one with the tip of his finger. Tristan brought his finger to his lips, tongue flicking out, smiling, as he tasted his tears. “No more tears, Jake.”
        With that one action, it was as if a great weight lifted from his shoulders. Lying back, he abandoned himself to Tristan’s touch. The weight of his hand slid up his thigh, fingers popping the button of his jeans as they kissed. His other hand slid beneath Jake’s sweater, fingers teasing along warm skin, taut over muscles that jumped at his touch.
        “Tristan…you taste so good.”
        Tristan’s fingers yanked the zipper down, his hand sliding beneath the waistband of denim and cotton, and his fingers curled around Jake’s cock.“ I want you more than I’ve ever wanted anything else,” he breathed against his lips.
        “Yes,” Jake whispered; reaching between their bodies, he quickly released Tristan from the confines of his jeans. Soft moans erupted from his throat as he caressed him with tentative strokes, his thumb teasing at the slick tip of his erection. Tristan tugged his shirt over his head, his hips pumping in time with Jake’s strokes. “Need you—now.”
        Tristan’s eyes squeezed shut as Jake rolled them both over. Now on top, he tasted Tristan’s flesh with intense kisses and tiny bites. Licking the beads of perspiration from his skin, he relished the hardness trapped between them in his grip.
        “Now…please,” Tristan groaned.
        Reaching down Jake curled his hand around both their lengths, his fingers entwining with Tristan’s, and he began to pump them together. His other hand moved to caress Tristan’s jaw. “Look at me, Tristan. Look into my eyes and see who I am, Tristan. I need you to see me.”
        Tristan’s eyes drifted open, a tiny smile on his kiss-swollen lips. “I’m always with you, Jake, always.”
        Laughing, he sped up his strokes. At first, his motions were gentle, and then they progressed to rapid, almost animalistic surges. Tristan pushed up on his elbows, mouth latching onto one of Jake’s nipples and sucking as his back bowed, his hips pumping wildly. With each upward thrust of his hips, Tristan’s hips rose to meet him.
        “God, you’re so beautiful,” Jake gasped, stretching out along his body as their mouths met in a rough kiss, shadowy beards scraping along each other. This was what love was, Jake thought, as his lips parted, allowing Tristan access.


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