News Update!

So the past few weeks have been a roller-coaster, but I’m still here not to mention my safety harness kept me from being flung from the highest point of said roller-coaster. LOL 😀

I’m working on getting published still and have not only a new publisher for my GLBT novel Shadows Beneath, but they’ve said they will published the short that was originally wrote for Masquerade: Collier House. With the short though I need to re-work it and if I get my head removed from my anal sphincter then the short entitled Lonely Gods & Broken Mortals will be donein time for a May launch.

My new publisher will be an upcoming e-publisher called DARK ROAST PRESS which will be launching in APRIL 2008. I’m working closely with them and as more info is available I will post it here. Check them out HERE at MySpace!

Also I am still being spotlighted by the wonderful Raine Delight at her Author’s Spotlight on her blog Feb. 28, 2008.

So in conclusion:

  1. New Cover Art in progress for Shadows Beneath
  2. Lonely Gods being reworked for May ’08 release
  3. Shadows Beneath slated for April ’08 release
  4. Two other books in the works a novel and a collection of shorts (More Info to Come)

Thank you for hanging in there folks. Lotsa Kissing & Gay!Love…


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