NEWS BITE: 38 Hrs. & Counting

I’m nauseous, but it’s in a good way. In like 38 hrs., give or take an hour, before my publisher Dark Roast Press launches. Not only that my first novel the GLBT Paranormal tale Shadows Beneath will be available for purchase. My heart is pounding and my stomach is filled with gigantic mutant prehistoric butterflies!

Yeah, seems like I’m being a bit of a drama queen, but you have to understand one thing here. This novel has been in the making for like 15 years and I never dreamed that it would ever see the light of day. So yeah, pardon me while I nibble on crackers and try not to blow chunks.

There is one thing I need to say here though…

RHIANNON YOU ROCK!! Thank you so much for everything you’ve done to make a gal’s biggest dream come true. Much love! 


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