NEWS BITE: My First Official Review – Rainbow Reviews

The best way to start a Sunday morning off is to be on the phone with a reluctant friend who is off in the wilds of Michigan chasing a 2 1/2 foot snake down with her camera. Oh yeah and did I mention getting your first official review on your debut book? Yes, that shriek that made your dogs ears bleed came from somewhere in the St. Louis Metropolitan area around 10:30 am CST. LOL

But, seriously folks I was completely speechless to discover my Paranormal/Erotica novel Shadows Beneath published by Dark Roast Press which has been out for just a little under two weeks (It was released on April 15th) was reviewed at Rainbow Reviews! *shrieks again* For the first hour afterward I could barely put a sentence together which is a scary prospect for a writer. *grins*

If you’re interested in seeing what Rainbow Reviews had to say check it out HERE!!!

A first time novelist could not ask for a better wake-up call on an overcast Sunday morning. I would like to thank the folks at Rainbow Reviews for giving me the opportunity to submit my novel and a special thank you to Frost’s Fancy for making a new writer happier than she’s been in a very long time. *Cheshire Cat Grin*


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