Thank the Goddess for small favors…

Because if I hadn’t finished the second draft of Le Jardin de la Lumiere today I would have went insane. LOL

Just kidding, but on a more serious note I’ve sent in my second draft of Le Jardin… to my fabulous editor helgaleena. She and Rhiannon my publisher have been so encouraging and supportive of my writing. I have to say considering how my recent career as a newly published writer started out I’ve been extremely lucky. Helgaleena most definitely knows how to get my muse’s ass in gear and slap her around like the little bitch she is. *snickers*

Now it’s just a matter of seeing what happens with this revised version of the story gets back from the editor. Considering that Le Jardin…started out as a short story I’m pleased with how far it’s come. I suppose you could say that it’s the little story that could. *grins*

Also on a totally different note I would like to congratulate my fellow DRP writers Christopher Newman the author of The Curse of Albrecht Manor and Jamie Lynn Miller the author of Burnin’ for You on receiving their first reviews. You can check their reviews out at the following links:

“The Curse of Albrecht Manor” @ Coffee Time Romance

“Burnin’ for You” @ Simply Romance Reviews


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