Beautiful Day in St. Louie…

It’s mid-June in St. Louis and 77 degrees outside. Gorgeous!

Had to do some shopping so I took my camera and headed off across Tower Grove Park. I took pictures, got fresh air, and some exercise. I actually feel invigorated and am ready to do some writing, but first I need to make some business calls. I might share some pictures later simply because Tower Grove Park has been a major inspiration on my writing. It is one of the last Victorian walking parks left in the world and I’m lucky to actually live on one of the borders of the park. It has some wonderful Victorian architecture and it’s a huge draw for bird watchers and artists. I actually ran into a couple of local artists with their easels set up near the Ancient Ruins/Fountain Pond which is a hop skip and a jump from the front door of my apartment complex. Here’s one of the photos that I took today.

We’ve had so much rain this year that it is just green everywhere–extremely green! If you’re curious you can check it more out about the park at Tower Grove Park dot org.


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