NEWS BITE: Lumiere & Other Stuff

So day before yesterday my lovely editor (have I told you how fantastic she is?) sent back my manuscript for Le Jardin de la Lumiere for the final edit approvals. I approved all the tweaks because my editor is just that good and sent it back last night. Now it’s just a matter of time before my second book (or is it novella?) comes out. I keep thinking I’m going to wake up and discover that this is all a dream. *pinches arm*

Okay, I’m not asleep–that’s good! 😉

I’m now working on my third book a collection of short stories based on the Brothers Grimm tales. I already have cover art and a blurb. It’s coming along very nicely and if I’m lucky and the muses cooperate it may be out at the end of July or mid-August. If you’re interested check it out below the cut

Click to see larger version

As a child did you read the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm?

Did you read the sanitized versions or did you dare read the original stories that took a fanciful look at dark side of humanity?

This collection of eight short stories goes back to the dark tales collected throughout Europe by the Brothers Grimm and gives them a wicked modern twist. Love, murder, betrayal, lust, & revenge–a world where the path to love sometimes is stained with the blood and tears…


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