Le Jardin de la Lumière – Release Info/Blurb/Excerpt

Hello Strangers! You might be wondering where I’ve been hiding and I wonder sometimes myself. Well I’ve been typing away and cursing the slash muses on occasion because they’re contrary little bitches sometimes. My absence has not been without its pluses I now have a release date for my second book Le Jardin de la Lumière and a beautiful new cover courtesy of my beloved peep

. She’s a wonderful artist and once you see the cover leave a message for her at her LJ or here.

And now without further ado…

Coming August 15, 2008
From Dark Roast Press

© 2008 Dark Roast Press
Click on Cover for Larger Image

A successful young artist, Ryan Esson lost everything in the blink of an eye, including his ability to create. Courtesy of an anonymous benefactor, he’s given an opportunity to reclaim something he thought lost forever when he receives a mysterious invitation to a weekend artist’s retreat at a pre-Civil War sugar plantation.

Built on a secluded string of islands off the Gulf Coast of Louisiana, Le Jardin de la Lumière is a place of intrigue, a haunting legend, and one beautiful stranger, who will mesmerize Ryan. In a stranger’s eyes, will he find the strength to open his mind and his heart again?

Le Jardin de la Lumière Excerpt © 2008 Dark Roast Press

“Sir, are you okay?”

The driver’s baritone startled Ryan from his thoughts, but the scent of buttery popcorn and beer lingered. For a moment he believed it to be a ghostly reminder of that memory; then he heard the faint music—carnival music. Glancing up, his gaze settled on the curve of a Ferris wheel above the moss-draped trees, sparkling against the dimming sky with a rainbow of twinkling lights outlining its steel beams. The lights gave it the appearance of something not quite of this earth and as he stood there mesmerized by them, listening to the distant music, and the laughter of adults and children alike he found himself enamored of what it all represented.

There was something in the faceted glow of the light and the gentle laughter that called out to his broken soul. It promised to make all the painful memories fade away. Somehow, he knew if he could just reach out to the light he would find Michael again. Inhaling deeply, he moved across the parking lot as if he were in a trance and stepped out onto the shoulder of the road. The gravel crunched beneath his boots, snapping him from the moment, and his gaze lowered, to catch a glimpse of a woman who stood in the shade of the trees along the roadside, her face hidden in shadow, but her eyes so clear that he could see a glimmer of sea foam in their dark depths. She smiled at him, long slender fingers lifting to play with the glittering gems at her throat.

Suddenly he was being yanked backward, the sound of a horn honking breaking whatever spell the carnival had cast. He gasped as he turned to meet the driver’s shadowy gaze, his brows drawn together in worry and his fingers digging into Ryan’s bicep. Behind them the sound of the horn exploded again, and Ryan turned in time to see a rickety ancient pick-up covered in rust disappear around the curve of the asphalt road, smoke belching from its tailpipe.

“Are you okay?” The driver repeated his earlier question as his fingers slipped from Ryan’s arm.

With a hesitant nod, he glanced up at the trees across the way, but there was no sign of the woman who’d been there a moment before. “Yeah,” he whispered, “I think I am.”




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