Muses are Fickle…

I am in the process of hacking up a lung and after a lovely weekend (can you taste the sarcasm?) I had hoped perhaps my muses would make things easy on me. Apparently, not because they are fickle little bitches. LOL

I’ve been working on two different books; a collection of contemporary reworkings of the original Brothers Grimm fairy-tales & a contemporary suspense/crime novel (working title Blood Noir) that takes place both in Seattle & St. Louis. Now the plan was fairy-tales first, suspense second. Well so much for plans at this time. Despite the fact that I lost 3 hours of work on the suspense novel my gorgeous muses are still insisting this is the one I need to be working on. *sigh*

The pain…the pain…

Sometimes it would be nice if they would just cooperate instead of giving me razzberries all day long. *rolls eyes*


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