Muses Gone Wild – Alex & Harley

So, okay I’ve been seeing a lot of my fellow writers talking about what their muses look like or act like. Well I have a never ending rotation of muses–they change from story to story. The current book I’m working on (working title – Blood Noir) has eaten my brain and here to let you know why it’s done so are my muses. They are long time lovers Alex Kline & Harley Scott and I can tell you this, they’re both a pain in my bloody arse! But they are gorgeous so…well I forgive them most days. *sigh* I’m a push over…go see why before you judge.

Below is the closest I could find to Alex and his long time lover Harley from my wip Blood Noir. Blessed be Beautiful Mag & Their Beautiful Men!!

Alexander (Alex) Klein
Professional Photographer
Age: 28

Harley Scott
Private Investigator
Age: 28



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