What Inspires Me…

Over the course of years of writing I’ve been inspired by many things; music, art, other writers, etc. As my profile says my heroes are mainly writers, some novelists, and others television writers.

Within those few television writers are a small group of under appreciated writers for a little show, unfortunately on the CW network. The show is Supernatural and at first you might go–huh? So let me clarify.

I originally watched Supernatural because I have a love of urban myths and ghost stories. What I found was so much more. It has captured my muses and made the creator, an unassuming 30-something struggling Hollywood writer from Ohio by the name Eric Kripke one of a handful of writers who I admire, along with his staff. I could give many reasons why I adore this show which although has an international fanbase is under appreciated in the country of its origin.

In 1983 a Lawrence, Kansas middle class family is visited by tragedy when a house fire claims the mother leaving a regular Joe father and ex-Marine, John Winchester to raise his two sons Dean (4) and Sam (6 months) on his own. The catch his wife Mary just didn’t die in a common fire but was killed by a supernatural creature. Traumatized by witnessing the death of his wife and seeking revenge on the creature John goes underground on a journey that will change his family and himself forever.

Jump forward 22 years and his sons are grown. Dean (26) hunts the supernatural at his father’s side and Sam (22) has ran away to live what he considers a safe life. One night Dean shows up having been uncommunicative with Sam for 2 years of the 4 years he’s been gone. Their father has vanished and Dean worried sick convinces Sam to come with him in search of their dad, who Sam never really got along with. A temporary road-trip in the beginning Sam discovers that you can’t run away from either your problems or your destiny.

Supernatural is, first and foremost, about two estranged brothers from a dysfunctional family who are thrust together after years of animosity and now need to mend their relationship. The spirits, demons, and other creatures are set dressing ultimately, the wounded relationship between the brothers the heart of the show. If you have siblings you’ll get the complexity of those relationships in the real world. There are lighthearted, terrifying, and definitely ’tissues are required’ moments when it comes to Sam and Dean’s journey. The writers of this show capture the true essence of sibling love and rivalry.

I just read a review article by Sylvia Bond over at pinkraygun.com a blog for those of us who are admitted fangirls and/or boys of the sci-fi/fantasy genre. Her review eloquently and with humor describes how she went from non-fan to fan of Supernatural via one of the best episodes of Season 2 entitled ‘Heart’. If I’ve piqued your interest in any way take a couple of minutes and check it out:

Ain’t No Cure for Love or Werewolves Either

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the little show that could. Supernatural has just started its 4th Season on the CW Thursdays at 8/7 central.


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