News Bite: Big Shout Out to Dark Roast Press & My Fellow Writers

The results of the P & E Awards are in and although none of us placed first we did make people stand up and take notice for a newbie publisher. Results courtesy of the fabu Helgaleena.

J C Natal –

In Service— 3rd in Best Romance, twelfth in Best Thriller
Rysykk’s Rise— 3rd in Best Science Fiction
Made the top ten Authors overall– 8th place among all authors entered

Chris Newman –

The Curse of Albrecht Manor— 12th in Best Horror
The Hound of Doom— 12th in Best Mystery
Those Dangerous Times— 15th in Best Thriller

Jamie Lynn Miller –

Darkness Falls— 12th in Best Romance

Nera Ragno –

SHE of the Forbidden Zone-18th place in Best Novels

Juanita Campbell and the art department –

Tyree Kimber’s “Apocalypse Woman”
— 6th place in Best Cover Art

Helgaleena the Editor 21st in Best Editor Category

Overall Dark Roast Press came in at 20th

And finally my own little piece of news...

Shadows Beneath — 18th in Best Erotica!!! *does goofy dance of joy*

CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE!!! *tosses sparkly confetti*


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