My Second Novel Sent to Publisher/First Book of New Series Started

I’ve practically torn my hair out trying to get my second full-length novel Blood Noir finished. Clue here fellow writers being overtly protective of your characters not so good sometimes. Blood Noir was a tough one to finish, but I’m proud of the story and how it ended. Now here’s hoping that my publisher and my editor approve.

Now on with the show.

Apparently, I’m a glutton for punishment. A few months back I laid out the ground work for a series about a paranormal investigative team led by a Harvard educated psychologist who just happens to be gay. I’m hoping that the series goes as planned. Twelve books in total, the first three of which I have outlined, and the first which I’ve got a little over 4,000 words written on so far.

Here’s a little teaser for the series:

In the forefront of paranormal investigation for over a century, the Amoretti family found themselves despised by those who believed. As investigators of paranormal phenomenon, comrades of such people as Sir William Barrett of the SPR based in Great Britain and the famous American magician Harry Houdini, they debunked a multitude of con artists with their scientific theory and sharp intelligence. As the years passed though, their motives came into question even by their allies.

Now, a new generation takes the reins of the family legacy.

Valentin ‘Val’ Amoretti is a hardcore student of science, a young man with a score to settle in the paranormal community, but there are forces out there who will try anything to keep him from revealing the truth behind the myths, legends, and folktales of ages past. Valentin though has a secret that he holds close to his heart, an experience he can’t explain, and he refuses to stop until he has the answers he seeks.

Using his family’s wealth and accepting his Aunt Serafina’s blessing, Valentin seeks out those he believes will help him in his search, and forms a core group of investigators that will raise some eyebrows. It is with them that he will prove there is more to the paranormal than science ever believed…


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