Turn, Turn, Turn…

To everything there is a season…so sang the Byrds back in 1965. At the time I wasn’t even a twinkle in my daddy’s eye. As a matter of fact pops and mom, Goddess bless their souls, were just dating. But I digress…

There are a few things to celebrate today.

First my publisher Dark Roast Press is celebrating their first anniversary today! Yes, that’s right! One year ago today Dark Roast Press opened their doors with four writers J.C. Natal, Jamie Lynn Miller, Christopher C. Newman, and moi.

Since then the company has placed in the top 20 at the P&E awards that were held in January, added a staff artist Juanita Campbell, a friend and incredibly talented Aussie, published 13 more books including two anthologies. They’ve also added more authors including the fantastic Tyree Kimber, Angelia Sparrow, Nero Ragna, C.H. Scarlett, Keta Diablo along with more up and coming writers. It’s been a year of ups and downs for all of us, but we’ve made it and we folks are here to stay come hell or high water!

Second the incomparable Rhiannon Rhodes publisher extraordinaire and a beloved friend is celebrating twice over. Today is her birthday and her brainchild Dark Roast Press’ birthday. I cannot say enough about this incredible woman who really has a love for the written word and an incredible understanding of the people who write those words. May you my friend have many more birthdays to come and much success in your business and personal life. Blessed be!

My final celebratory note is for Jim Beaver; actor, playwright, film historian, and just an incredible example of what a person can achieve in their lives when they have a positive mindset. Most of people will know Jim as either Ellsworth from the HBO series Deadwood or as the beloved character Bobby Singer gruff salvage man with a heart of gold and a walking encyclopedia of demonic lore from the CW series Supernatural.

Jim has written a book Life’s that Way, a memoir about the death of his beloved wife Cecily Adams at the age of 46 from lung cancer, and how he dealt with not only being a widower, but a single father. His memoir will be available tomorrow from Putnam Adult. I have no doubt Jim’s book will inspire his fans in a way few people can with his sense of humor, his strength, and intelligence. So guys support Jim as only we can! Congrats, Jim!

You can purchase Life’s that Way here at the Official Website


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