The Waiting Game – Patience is a Writer’s Virtue

I was sitting here at my desk, staring at an open manuscript, and cursing my vicious writer’s block that I’ve had for at least two weeks when suddenly I felt the need to blog. The subject of this sudden need to blog is what I affectionately refer to as the Waiting Game.

What is the Waiting Game? Well let me explain in my own special way.

Most serious writers I am sure will be familiar with this on numerous levels, but my favorite case is when you’ve turned one of your manuscripts over to the gentle embrace of your publisher/editor and then you set back and–yes you guessed it–wait. I know many people that believe being a writer is an easy way to find fame and fortune. Although in some situations it may seem that way in reality it is as far away from the truth as you could possibly get.

Being a writer, a true writer, in my opinion is not about being famous or rolling in the dough ala Mike Meyers in 54. It is a passion something you can’t just rid yourself of or do when you please. It boils in your blood as if your veins were on fire. It is simply who you are. Although most of us have alternative sources of income while we fight desperately to live our dream it is very much a part of our days no matter what we may be doing at the time.

Playing the Waiting Game is a big part of being a writer whether you’re waiting on your muse to quit being an ass, your editor, your release date, your first sale or for that first review. My mother, Goddess rest her soul, used to tell me patience was a virtue and she wasn’t kidding. Unfortunately, she never saw me become a published writer and neither did my dad both who were infinitely patient whether it was with one another or us kids.

So, Mom, Dad, wherever you are now just know one thing; Patience is not only a virtue it’s most definitely a writer’s virtue. Thank you both for teaching me that through words and actions.

When I think my head will explode with this wicked game I just think of you both and count my blessings.


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