New Interview with DRP Writer Myristica


Welcome to my first installment of The Fox Hole, a Sunday feature where I hope to introduce writers, artists, and other members of the publishing community.

Today I’d like to introduce a fellow Dark Roast Press author Myristica.

Coming Aug. 25th 2009

Coming Aug. 25th 2009

Myristica could you tell the readers a little bit about yourself?

Well, I’m pagan (No particular tradition, but leaning towards High Magick and Wicca), single, living alone with a cat.  I love Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Page.  I’m into writing M/M Romance normally in fantasy settings.  I enjoy the ocean, “walking on the beach, soft candlelight dinners and poking dead things with a stick.”  (Sorry, saw that on a cell phone screen saver and had to quote it. 🙂 )  Seriously, though, I do love the ocean and waterfalls and ‘misty mountains’.  Water is my thing, which is amazing because Fire is supposed to be my element, but I hate heat.  I prefer rain over sunshine any day.  I guess I’m just naturally attracted to the dark and whenever I make it as a writer I could so easily write at midnight with rain pattering on the roof.

Have you always wanted to be a writer? If so when did you start writing?

Always wanted to be a writer ever since I was twelve years old.  Saw some episodes of “Emergency” back in the early 70’s (I know, I’m dating myself), and decided since I could not draw worth squat, I could maybe write scenes I saw in my mind on paper and create that way.  I’ve been in love with writing ever since.

As a writer what inspires you?

Zeppelin and Jimmy Page with Robert Plant are my main muses as to style of writing.  When that style I search for seems to elude me, I’ll gorge myself on Zep, Page/Plant, and suddenly the world of words and feelings opens up.  I’m also inspired by songs in general.  Breaking Benjamin is a group that I listen to when I need a ‘feel’, or The Calling.  I’ll hear a song and say, “That’s a pretty androgynous love song.  This guy could be singing to a girl or a guy.”  So I put a guy in the mix and the images can come from that.  I’ll see something on a TV show or movie and that will inspire story ideas as well.  I once saw “Witchboard” a long time ago and the hug and weeping that came from one guy after seeing his friend killed with an ax just did me in.  I said, “I could write a friendship story like that.”  Buddy stories were the thing for me from the start (I grew up watching ‘Starsky and Hutch’).  I then slid into the M/M area and have been writing and reading that ever since.

Do you have any favorite writers?

I’ve grown very fond of J.L. Langley.  Her stories are very good to read when you’ve had a stressful day and need some ‘down’ time.  She’s entertaining.  I also enjoy M.L. Rhodes, Lynn Lorenz and am currently reading other authors.  Not to do a shameless plug here for you, Hon, but “Blood Noir” is on my list to read. 😉

How did you come to be with Dark Roast Press?

A friend of mine, who is also a writer, was looking into doing the e-book route.  She investigated some of the sites I recommended to her, and then she stumbled on Dark Roast Press through a friend of hers.  She told me about it.  I checked it out and got in touch with the head of DRP and asked some questions.  I liked the feel of the place and settled in with a cup of hot coffee and made myself at home.

If you could live in any time or place–where and when would you choose?

Oh, man, so many places to choose from.  I suppose the one that really popped into my head was Greece around the time of Sophocles.  I’m just starting to get into his writing and would have loved to have seen his plays performed first hand during that time.  Then, of course, maybe I could have been a bit older during the time of Zeppelin’s heyday. (Like say 15 years older?)  I think I would have been in love with Jimmy’s playing and Robert’s words for the last 40 years if that were the case.

Being a professional cook at one time, I have to ask this one. Do you have a favorite food?

Chicken Fettucine.  Pizza.  Tacos!!  Of course I can’t have those right now because my doctor has me on a low sodium and no sugar diet.  Have to keep the blood pressure and blood sugar down.  Oh, well, lost 34 pounds as of this writing, and hope to lose another 30 soon.

Now that I’ve picked your brain, can you tell us about your latest work? Don’t hold back! J

Well, GemInI Souls is to be released by Dark Roast Press on August 25th.  It’s a crossover story with my other book Crimson Dawn – Hallowed Echoes.  Each has its own story line, but the characters are in the same area, or setting, for both.  Razeal from GS makes a guest appearance in Crimson Dawn, and Hampton, the vampire from CD, makes a guest appearance in GemInI Souls.  Other characters will also be making their way into both stories, such as Mistress Garen and Irene Shannon.  I wanted to do crossover ideas because they both will be series story lines and I wanted to really have fun with them.

GemInI Souls is about two mages, Sevrin and Razeal.  We go into their history, how they met five hundred years ago on another planet, while at the same time in present day earth we see how they are trying to elude a creature that has followed them here from their home world and seeks to kill Sevrin.  They have to go back into their past to find the clues as to what this creature is and how to destroy it.  It’s a past/present scenario, sort of like Xena and ‘The Debt’ episodes.

The relationship between Sevrin and Razeal is much more than at first expected, and their love is tested heavily in this story, especially in the scenes from the past.  Razeal discovers that Sevrin, who cannot believe he is a mage, is possibly one of the Sygog mages…those who practice sexual magick and are considered very dangerous by mages of other disciplines.  And this creates a problem for Sevrin and Razeal who really want to get it on between them, but because Sevrin has had no training in the way of Sygog control, they can’t ‘be’ with each other for fear of Sevrin’s powers unleashing out of control.  It happens once and the consequences are tragic.

On earth in present day, the creature hunting Sevrin goes after Razeal first.  It’s a magick eater, so Razeal’s magick suffers and as a result…he starts dying.  Sevrin realizes that time is running out, and he has to put the clues together before Razeal loses the battle.  It’s mostly about the past catching up to them in the present.  I’m really enjoying the possibilities of where to take these boys, both in Crimson Dawn and in GemInI Souls, which are under my Dimenlien Chronicles.  I hope to add even more story lines to the chronicles as ideas keep unveiling.

I wanted to take this moment, now, to really thank you for interviewing me.  It’s been a blast and I hope to be able to visit with you again!

Well, you’re welcome and I’d love to have you back anytime! 😀

For more information about Myristica’s books, both current and forthcoming, as well as pondering spiritual paths, check out the following links:

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Also, her Dimenlien Projexts (TM) material (with upcoming merchandise
for books) is now up at Cafe Press:
Further merchandise to be uploaded as stories progress!


8 comments on “New Interview with DRP Writer Myristica

  1. That was an excellent interview. I rarely read interviews because they seem so formal. Same questions, similar answers, etc. This one had some great questions which really drew out different answers.
    Wishing the author and the interviewer much success!

  2. As a first time interviewer I have to tell you I felt the same about some interviews. I’m a fun loving gal and have a warped sense of humor sometimes. I decided I really wanted anyone that I interviewed to open up and feel comfortable.

    After all the point of an interview is let readers know who you are not just as a writer, artist, etc. but as a person in general.

    Thanks for reading! Blessed Be! 🙂

  3. Hi, Hon!
    Wow, wasn’t expecting it to go up so fast! Thank you! Now, get those questions I asked answered, k? 😉
    It was really fun to do this!

    • Couldn’t sleep last night per usual and had it up around midnight. 😀

      I e-mailed them last night! Did you not get them? O.o

      Let me know. If not I will e-mail again.

      *head desk*

  4. Pingback: New Interview « The Pagan and the Pen

    • Thank you, Lynn. This was my first time as an interviewer. Myristica was fabulous and I’m looking forward to reading her books.

      I hope the interview gets her name out there and Dark Roast Press’ as well. 🙂

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