Interview w/ Bryn Colvin & Tom Brown


Welcome to the September 13, 2009 installment of The Fox Hole, a place to sit, have a cup of Joe, and meet talented up and coming authors, artists, and other folks from the e-publishing industry.

Today I have a special treat for my readers, a double dose of talent! My guests are a talented team that have just launched a new web comic, the incredibly talented author Bryn Colvin and her partner the equally talented Tom Brown. So folks pull up a comfy chair, pour that cup of Joe, and find out why this team is a match made in the Copper Age!

Original Art Created by Tom Brown

Original Art Created by Tom Brown

Welcome to the Fox Hole Bryn and Tom first I  would like to say congrats on the launch of your new web comic.  Now here comes the hard part [laughs]. Could you both tell the readers a little bit about yourselves?

Bryn: In no particular order, I’m a writer, druid, folk club organizer, daydreamer, parent, bouzouki player and singer, amongst other things. I’m also addicted to coffee, obsessive and not very awake at the time of writing this, due to having been to a music festival!

Tom: I’m an illustrator, sequential artist, currently residing (in exile) in Portland, Maine. Like Bryn, also a daydreamer and druid; Passionate to the point of obsession about my craft. Lover of music and art oh…and coffee yes, me too.  (And very fortunate to be working with Bryn!)

Have you always wanted to be an artist, Tom, and you a writer Bryn? If so when and how did you both get started?

Tom: Oh, I’ve been drawing and making stories as far back as I can remember. And aside from playing with the thought of being an archeologist at age seven or so, yes. This is what I have always wanted to do. (The lure of dinosaur bones being successfully resisted.)

Bryn: I’ve always wanted to write. At various times in youth I also wanted to be a teacher, a rock star, and either Batman or Peter Pan (Okay, so I was an odd child!). I’d not planned on getting into comics—I was lured by Tom, and am very glad he persuaded me to have a go.

As a writer and an artist what inspires/drives you both?

Bryn: People. I have a few wonderful souls who are longstanding muses. Without them, I would have no stories to tell. They know who they are…I write a lot for Tom, and because of him. It would be fair to say the stuff he inspires is stranger than anything else I create.

Tom: What inspires me? Everything really. Creativity is a full time sort of thing. What drives me, at the foundation of things would be the desire to tell stories and create something new. Also, there is the element of living out a long time dream, to be honest.

Do either of you have any favorite authors or artists?

Together: For the sake of not being here forever, we’re going to answer with just the writers and artists that we both love:

Neil Gaiman, Robert Holdstock, Dave McKeane, Emma Restall Orr, Alan Garner, Clive Barker, Klee, Burne-Jones, Waterhouse, William Morris, Bosch, Gieger, Mike Mignola

How did you come to be working together?

Tom: I was contacted to do art for one of Bryn’s books (Tara’s Honor). Was then invited by Bryn to join her on-line forum.

Bryn: I feel utterly in love with Tom’s work.

Tom: I fell instantly and completely in love with Bryn’s work. I was a fan/admirer from day one.

Bryn: But like a classic romance fiction plot, it’s taken us a while to figure all this out and get ourselves organized!

If you could live in any time or place—where and when would you choose?

Bryn: I rather like here and now. Although Medieval Wales appeals, or to have been a pre-Roman Druid maybe.

Tom: Regarding time, I am very much and increasingly pleased with the present (which is not to say that I don’t see lots of room for improvement). For location, rather like Redditch, UK for the near future.

Being a professional cook at one time, I have to ask this one. Do either of you have a favorite food?

Tom: Artichoke and vegetarian sushi (but not at the same time)

Bryn: Stilton cheese, fresh, and other kinds of cheese. Bread fresh from the oven and smothered in butter. Anything fresh and simple in fact. I am a peasant at heart.

Now that I’ve picked your brains, can you tell us about your latest work? Don’t hold back!

Bryn: Our web comic launched yesterday at There’s a short art/words thing on there called The Blind Fisherman and the beginning of a story called Personal Demons.

Tom: This is the beginning of our Hopeless story line, which has become a bit…epic. Spanning many years and more than one world, before we’re done.

Bryn: We’ve also got which is a newspaper for the web comic setting. There’s quite a lot of Tom’s art and short newspaper style stories on there.

Our island setting, called Hopeless is surrounded by fog, overrun with nightmarish creatures, (from small things with tentacles to demons and vampires) it’s a peculiar place. Here, almost anything can happen, from the weird and unsettling to the darkly funny. With a cast of freaks, nutters, and the odd power crazed psychopath, life in Hopeless is seldom dull. That’s the surface of the story. It’s also about who you chose to be. The tale is a protest against apathy, and against the small evils that everyone takes for granted. The worst monsters frequently aren’t the ones with the obvious teeth, who are merely dangerous by nature, but the apparently ordinary people who chose to do hideous things.

That sounds intriguing and fantastic I can’t wait to delve into the world you’ve both created. Thank you both for stopping by and sharing your work and yourselves with the readers. I wish you luck on this endeavor and all your future ones. I see nothing but success in your future as a powerhouse team.

For further info on Bryn Colvin and Tom Brown check out the following links:


Bryn Colvin

Tom Brown

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Copper Age is a creative enterprise focused on comics but also producing art, stories, music, video, and pretty much anything else that seems like a good idea at the time. The Copper Age, historically speaking, came before the Iron Age we now live in. Copper is not as good a metal for killing people as iron, but you can make nice body decorations out of it. So that’s Copper Age – Awen touched, tree hugging, in love with folklore and mythology, and far too fond of tentacles to be healthy. launches with The Blind Fisherman – a tale which started life as a series of pictures and later had words attached to it. It’s a small story arc, and not quite traditional comic form. There are sea monsters, demented occultists, and other strangeness. After this comes Personal Demons – which is more like a conventional comic and begins with the witch Annamarie Nightshade visiting a gothic house, and finding something entirely unexpected.


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