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Good morning and welcome to the November 01, 2009 edition of The Fox Hole. I’m your host author Jesse Fox. Here’s hoping that all you folks out there had a safe and happy Halloween and/or Samhain. I’m sure most of you are recovering from sugar comas, but a good strong cup of Joe is just what the doctor ordered on a chilly autumn morning. So pour a cup, grab a scone, have a seat, and let me introduce you to my guest today multi-published author Fran Lee!


Available @ Ellora's Cave

Welcome to The Fox Hole Fran! It’s a delight to have you. Could you tell the readers a little bit about yourself?

Thanks for inviting me, Jesse!  Well, I’m rather boring, to be honest. But if you insist…let me see…okay…I write erotic romance for Ellora’s Cave and Resplendence Publishing, and I have four books published so far, with several more in the pipeline.  I have had many different jobs over my working lifetime, as I explained on my website, and enjoyed the variety of experiences that those jobs brought me.  Most of my working life was spent helping the elderly and disabled, in a job I loved.  I have busily been piling up unpublished novels and stories for over 25 years. During those years of living life and working hard, I experienced life by branching out. I have a second degree black belt in Kenpo and I collect antique and vintage horse figures.

Have you always wanted to be a writer? If so when did you start writing?

I started writing at age fourteen, but being young and timid, I simply stacked all those books away in boxes “for later”.  Mostly they were just for me, to let my spirit free and let my imagination fly.  I was far from the heroine type, so I created heroines who were better, stronger. Sort of like the bionic woman and the six-million-dollar man. LOL!  And by doing so, I taught myself how to write.  I still keep those wonderful old fantasies in a special box.

Of course, when you are living your life, you don’t always have time for “frivolous” stuff like writing books. Not when there is rent to pay, groceries to buy, and kids to raise.  It wasn’t until much later that I actually sat down and wrote some “real” romance books. I wrote several dozen, to be exact, and I found myself a literary agent who was ecstatic over them.  But the publishers in the 80’s weren’t ready for my “naughty” writings.  I was about 20 years ahead of the times in what I wrote, so I packed them up again and life went on. I didn’t try to resubmit my books until about a year ago, after I found books by Kresley Cole and Jaid Black and realized that the world WAS ready for Fran Lee!   I submitted one of my old romances…and got a reject.  The reason?  Not HOT ENOUGH!  ROFL!  So I brushed it up, heated it up, and resubbed.  It was picked up instantly. The rest is history.

As a writer what inspires you?

Life!  Watching people and seeing what they do…how they love…how they hurt.  When I wrote the largest part of my books, I was in the middle of an ugly recovery from a bad divorce, and I was letting my “inner woman” out for a run.  All the things I had wanted to do, but couldn’t because I wasn’t ‘free’ to do them popped out. I took martial arts lessons.  I wrote more books.  I salvaged the traumatized lives of me and my three kids, and I wrote more books.  I got inspiration from everything…anything!  I would imagine a scenario, and I would simply run with it!

Do you have any favorite writers?

Many!  Far too many to name without sounding like a literary snob. (Leo Tolstoy was my hero when I was 10!) But I will say that I have learned to deeply appreciate the wonderful minds that evolve these books, and that I have learned to appreciate the time and effort that go into building worlds for these books.

If you could live in any time or place–where and when would you choose?

The time?  Now.  Where? Oh, maybe I would move to Montana or Canada, but I love it here in Utah.  You get all four seasons, it is temperate, you get snow in the winter and sun in the summer.

Life is what you make of it. Times were all hard.  I have thought about how it would be to live in the time of the crusades, and I shudder.  In the times of the Vikings?  Nice to romanticize, but…no.  The early West?  I love Native American lore and literature, but with the encroachment of the outside world, theirs was destroyed too quickly.  Every time in history had its good and bad sides.  I love reading romance novels, and using my computer to write them.  Yep…now is the best time.

Being a professional cook at one time, I have to ask this one. Do you have a favorite food?

LOL! Anything with butter and cream!  And chocolate!  And cherries.  I make a mean enchilada from scratch with no cans and no pre-made tortillas. But the cans and the ready-to eat tortillas make it faster! LOL!

Now that I’ve picked your brain, can you tell us about your latest work? Don’t hold back!

I have four books on sale now, with another two complete (except for final edits).  My most recent release came out September 25 from Ellora’s Cave.  It is an Exotika, so it may be too hot for many readers to handle, but I believe in plot and ad character development, and despite the short length, and the heat index, it is a romance with a HEA.

My debut book was also from Ellora’s Cave, titled Out of Her Dreams.  It’s about a timid, scarred woman whose life is centered around a man she dreamed of after a near-death accident. She begins to write about the man from her dreams, and even sketches his likeness for the cover artist.  She has become a widely-read, extremely popular erotic romance writer, with five books out, and one in the pipeline.

What she doesn’t realize is that the object of her dreams is a real, live, hot blooded man who just happens to be one of the baddest dudes in pro wrestling.  And he is royally P O’d about seeing his face on five mushy romance novels!

My second novel, Hallie’s Cats, was totally different, except in the erotic heat factor. LOL!  It is a shapeshifter


Available @ Ellora's Cave

romance, with a ménage. It is a novella, about a world weary divorcee who has moved to a small Nebraska town to get away from the bad memories of a bad divorce. Hallie meets brothers Gar and Cal after their dog scares her silly, and the fun begins.

Hallie can’t resist their luscious scent! It’s like catnip to a kitten. What she doesn’t know about them but is soon to find out…the delectable brothers are leopard shifters…and her scent drives them wild, too! Not only is her new little hometown home to a pair of hot shifters…it is the home territory of a pack of dangerous and deadly lykos who may just be the death of her.


Available @ Resplendence Publishing

My third novel is a full length book from Resplendence Publishing titled Dictated by Fate. It is a story about misconceptions, assumptions, and fate.  Chris is about to be evicted from an apartment she’d lived in for years, and she’s damn well aware that there is no such thing as a knight in shining armor, because her last hero (whom she married expecting the HEA) was a gay man who thought she was also trying to find a ‘partner’ to cover her lesbian lifestyle. All because she was a virgin who wasn’t interested in fooling around before marriage?

Tonio is a very wealthy man who is about to lose all his money because he isn’t married yet…and his father left a nasty little kicker in his will that unless his son marries within a year of his death, the family wealth and properties would all go to a cousin. Tonio isn’t married because the woman he loved dumped him for a wealthier guy. He is not interested in women who fawn and giggle and simper and dig their claws into a man for his cash.

Fate brings the two together with a hard thump. He wants a wife with no strings and no sex. Hmmm…must be another gorgeous gay guy.  She isn’t ready to fall all over him and drool and sigh, so she must be a lesbian…right?  So the best way to fix both problems would be a hasty, platonic marriage…whatta deal!  Except that neither of them is gay, and neither of them is immune to the attractions of the other.

My recently released novella, Her Own Set of Rules, is hot and sensuous, and addresses problems that happen in many marriages after a few years. (The Exotika line at Ellora’s Cave does not necessarily REQUIRE A HEA, but I DO!)  What’s the point of romance if you can’t have the thrill of the chase, the ecstasy of capture, and the delicious sense of completion that will take your characters into the future with everything they want and need?   Without those it is just all hot sex.

Here is the blurb and excerpt:


Available @ Ellora's Cave

Her Own Set of Rules

Copyright 2009 Fran Lee

Explicit sexuality and m/f/m ménage

Bored with her sex life with a husband she still loves, but who has the Saturday-night, three-minute orgasm (his own) down to a fine art, Haley takes the first step on a journey of sexual self discovery when Josh, the younger brother of her closest friend, expresses a decidedly carnal interest in her. The result is more than she imagined in her deepest fantasies.

Josh has had a crush on Haley since he was a kid, gangly and too damn tall for his weight. But he isn’t a kid anymore, and he grew into his six foot six inches, plus some. He’s come back home for one thing only—for a shot at the girl he fell for when he was too damn young to do much about it.

But Harry’s not done with his wife—not when he finds out that inside that prim, repressed shell, she’s been hiding the sexual temptress he’s always hungered for. Now all Haley has to do is ask, and two men are ready to give her everything she wants.


Josh dropped his gym bag with a thump and reached for her. Krissa wrapped her arms enthusiastically around her little brother as he swung her off her feet then set her back down on the doorstep. “I missed you, Krissie! When’s supper?”

He was always hungry. Had something to do with the size of him, he figured. Standing six foot six inches, and weighing in at a clean, lean two hundred and fifty pounds, he had a hard body because he worked hard for a living. He grinned down at his sister and laughed as she swatted at his hands and flushed prettily.

God, how he had always loved to watch Krissa and Haley giggle like that and put their pretty blonde heads together, thinking he couldn’t hear them if they whispered. Shit, he’d heard every damn word. But he never let on. He learned too much information to want to tip them off to the fact his hearing was excellent, even across the room.

“Haley here yet?” he asked casually, and Krissa grinned up at him conspiratorially.

“Be patient! You know I had to damn near threaten to break off our friendship if she didn’t agree to come. You know Haley…she’ll be here if she promised.”

He’d switched jobs to come back to Spring City and be closer to family—and Haley Grant. No, Haley Gregory now. But what the f*ck? Getting around a husband wasn’t the hardest thing he’d ever done. And from what Krissa had told him, Harry Gregory was a fairly inattentive husband. So much the better for him. He’d waited twelve years for a piece of Haley, and a husband wasn’t about to stand in his way now. He’d fallen hard for her when he was a gangly ninth grader and she was the Junior Prom Queen.

He had wanted her from the day she flashed her hot little breasts at him. He’d only been fourteen, but when he’d seen those delightful morsels bared for his delectation, and her fingers pinching them to tease him, he’d decided she wouldn’t be averse to letting him touch them. If she hadn’t hooked up with Harry Gregory, and if Harry hadn’t been so f*cking possessive of her, Josh would definitely have sampled those nipples.

Over the twelve years that had passed since she’d dared him to taste her, he’d savored that memory. He had compared those lush, youthful breasts to every other set he’d tasted and licked, and all the rest had faded from his thoughts once he’d enjoyed them. Oh, he loved f*cking and sucking. He’d gotten damn good at it over the years. But it had all been practice…practice for the next time she bared those amazing round globes to him…and he planned to see them again—soon.

As Krissa led him into the kitchen, he waved at Jim, who’d poked his head out of the living room and yelled a welcome. Talking with Krissie and Jim was appealing, but right now food was his objective. Food then a hot shower. Krissie had invited Haley over tonight, and he wanted to be clean and sweet-smelling for her. Oh yeah. For what he planned with Haley tonight, he wanted to be sweet and clean all over.

Josh had always had it bad for her. But Harold Gregory was the jock-stud-prom-king dude who had stolen her away after graduation before anyone less almighty got a shot at her. And Haley wasn’t one to take on some gangly kid three years behind her in school and dump Mr. Hotstuff.

Josh Barnes had been a gangly, awkward and fairly shy kid back then. And that wasn’t what a girl like Haley wanted. But he wasn’t a gangly kid anymore, and he’d had enough experience with women to know that what he had to offer was not something a woman would stick her nose up at. Oh yeah. He had big plans for tonight.

* * * * *

Haley was nervous. She checked her hair and her makeup three times before sliding out of her car and making her way to the wooden front porch of Krissa and Jim’s home. Hesitantly, she climbed the three steps to the front porch and pressed the doorbell button.

She almost lost her nerve and was debating on making a run for it when the door swung open, and she found Joshua Barnes standing there.

Filling the whole damn doorway.

Her eyes must have shown her shock, because his crookedly sexy smile was enough to blow her away. “Hi! Um, is Krissa here?” Her voice sounded breathless even to her. My God! She was acting like a teenybopper on her first blind date.

She almost lost her courage as he stood aside to allow her to step inside the house. He was so tall. And so gorgeous. Oh…my…God! He was all prime, succulent male. Leaning in slightly as she scooted past him, she couldn’t hide her telltale blush as she didn’t quite manage to keep her breast from brushing his chest. She heard the quick inhalation of his breath and knew he wasn’t immune to her either.

Her nipple tingled as if she’d leaned into an electric wire fence. Fighting down her glandular reaction to his appearance and his proximity, she stepped into the familiar foyer and wrapped her arms around her body as if that might insulate her from his potent presence. The experimental contact told her what she had wanted to know—he was very much aware of her sexually. What she hadn’t counted on was her own reaction to the little brush of tight nipple to hard, delicious muscle! Holy shit. Was she nuts to be here? Had she been kidding herself? Deluding herself that all she wanted was to regain an old acquaintance with the neighbor’s kid?

Haley bit the corner of her lip as she turned to face him in the tight confines of the tiny foyer, waiting for Josh to make the next tentative move. He moved slowly, and she watched as he closed the door and shot the lock home.

Wow, that was one hot excerpt! Thank you for stopping by and chatting Fran. I appreciate you sharing yourself and your work with my readers. Feel free to stop by in the future and share more of your work–the hotter the better!

To discover more about Fran Lee and her sizzling work check out these links:

Author’s Website



Ellora’s Cave Romantica Publishing

Resplendence Publishing


24 comments on “Interview with Author Fran Lee

  1. Wow…I always love hearing about Fran and her upcoming works. There is nothing boring about her, and I had no idea she was a martial arts expert! Thats AWESOME. She has been on my autobuy list since Hallie’s Cats came out.
    Love you Fran!!!

  2. Hi Franny,

    Sorry I’m late, but I wanted to say that this is a great interview! Congratulations! All of your covers are amazing and the books sound even better.

    Hugs and good luck with sales!


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