Interview with Author Caroline Aubrey


Good afternoon my apologies for running behind schedule to both my guest and the readers. Sometimes real life decides to sneak up on you. Now that I have that out of the way I’d like to welcome everyone to the November 15, 2009 edition of The Fox Hole. I’m your host author Jesse Fox. Today my guest is romance author Caroline Aubrey. So pour a cup of Joe and pull up a seat there’s no better way to spend an autumn afternoon than chatting up a talented writer.


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Welcome to The Fox Hole Caroline, I’m delighted to have you. Could you let the readers know a little bit about yourself?

I write mostly in the fantasy, urban fantasy and speculative fiction genres, with a touch or romance and sometimes erotica in there too. I write what I feel like writing about, and sometimes it’s difficult to classify what I do. I just sold a sword and sorcery fantasy epic to Whiskey Creek Press’ Torrid imprint, and that one is hard to classify too 😉

Have you always wanted to be a writer? If so when did you start writing?

I have always been a writer and storyteller, since I was very young. It was my medium and I ran with it. I look now at my two older children, who are incredible artists- one is 13 and the other is 8- and they have been drawing and drawing and drawing really well since they could hold a pencil. I was like that with writing.

As a writer what inspires you?

I get inspiration from crazy places! I actually am influenced by place. I tend to travel a lot, and sometimes I can imagine stories that come out of whichever landscape I happen to be in. I also am inspired by traditional stories–fairy tales from Europe, traditional stories from the southeastern cultures, such as the Creek and Cherokee Indians, and Cajun and Creole folktales from Louisiana. I’m interested in human interaction with the natural world.

Do you have any favorite writers?

Oh gosh, yes…Louise Erdrich, Joy Harjo, Barbara Kingsolver, Sheri Holman, Terri Windling, Charles de Lint, Jacqueline Carey, Ari Berk, Elizabeth Bear, H.D (Hilda Doolittle) Robert Heinlein…so many I can’t even remember sometimes…

If you could live in any time or place–where and when would you choose?

I wouldn’t live anywhere or any time other than the present. I like MAC cosmetics and running water and plumbing and electricity too much…and flat irons and blow dryers… 😉

Being a professional cook at one time, I have to ask this one. Do you have a favorite food?

I grew up with a mother, grandmothers, and aunties who were the best cooks ever. My best friend since 7th grade is an awesome cook as well. My all time favorite food, which I asked my mom to make for my birthday every year, was spinach soufflé, ham, and my mom’s home made macaroni and cheese. Talk about comfort food! I also like strange combos like butternut squash ravioli…anything well made and really tasty! I also can’t order Cajun and/or Creole food in a restaurant because I don’t think it’s made correctly. Between my mom and my aunts, I was spoiled on gumbo and red beans and rice since birth so it’s got to be home cooked for me! My mom, grandmother and one of my aunts are all gone now, so one Father’s Day my other aunt, who is Japanese-American and makes the perfect gumbo (and the perfect anything, for that matter!), made it for us and I just about died from perfect culinary happiness that day!

Now that I’ve picked your brain, can you tell us about your latest work? Don’t hold back!

Yikes! My new novel, The Two Kingdoms, is being released by Whiskey Creek Press’ Torrid imprint in February 2010. Whiskey Creek Press has also released my anthology of erotic fairy tales, First Night: Four Fairy Tales Retold (BUY LINK). I have always been interested in fairy tales from all around the world since I was very young. My mom used to read great stuff to me growing up, (“The Highwayman” comes to mind) so I naturally gravitated toward the fantastic in books and in my own work. First Night is a collection of my erotic take on some of these European stories (“Beauty and the Beast”, “Cinderella”, “The Robber Bridegroom”, and “Sleeping Beauty”), which are some of my favorites. There are elements of horror in my Cinderella story (“Ella of the Ashes”) and the Robber Bridegroom (“The Woodsman’s Daughter”).

My new book, The Two Kingdoms, takes place in an historical alternate universe in which two kingdoms have been separated by war and border fighting. The heroine is the daughter-in-law of the queen of one of the kingdoms, a warrior herself, and her brother is the king of the other kingdom. The story is basically about how she brings peace and reunites the two kingdoms under one rule after many, many years of conflict. She has a deep love for her mother-in-law and a deep hatred for her brother, and she must come to terms with a betrayal by those who love her the most and whom she loves in return. It will eventually be a series on how the peace can be maintained with so many conflicts existing.

You can read a sample, by checking out my blogs on MySpace and at LiveJournal. I’ve posted samples from The Two Kingdoms and my other projects I am working on as well.

Thanks so much for having me, Jesse!

You’re very welcome, Caroline. I enjoyed our time together and I hope the readers did as well. You’re welcome to come back anytime to chat.

Well that’s it folks for this installment of The Fox Hole. Many thanks to the gracious Caroline Aubrey for taking time out of her busy schedule to stop by and chat. If you’d like to learn more about Caroline check out the links below:

Caroline Aubrey’s Author Blogs –


Live Journal

Caroline Aubrey’s Publisher –

Whiskey Creek Press


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