Overwhelming Gratitude

Back in August 2009 feeling adrift in a sea of promotional woes I was beginning to think that there was no hope for a newbie writer like myself to get anyone’s interest. As I thought about it I figured I might not be the only writer in the same boat. It was then that I came up with the idea that eventually became known as “The Fox Hole”.

With some help from my fellow Dark Roast Press writers I launched my first edition of “The Fox Hole”. My first request for interviewees was nerve wracking, but I saw a lovely response and began to think maybe this would work.

On Monday January 04, 2010 I sent out my second request for interviewees. To my utter shock and overwhelming gratitude the response was three times what it was when I did my first request. Within a little less than 72 hours I had the entire schedule for 2010 filled.

I cannot thank you folks enough for the outpouring of interest followed by congratulations when I had to cut off the requests.  The success of “The Fox Hole” is because of writers just like me and other individuals in the publishing industry that are reaching out to the Ethernet in hopes of touching one person with their words or art.

Many Thanks & Blessed Be from My Friend the Fox


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