Is it the Publishing Apocalypse?

Good question and I was just telling a buddy of mine it had to be after she sent me an article that sent my heckles bristling faster than a porcupine on speed. You see she knows there are certain things I can’t abide such as Twilight for example. Not because I’m jealous of Ms. Meyers’ success, but because of the unfortunate influence her material has on the young girls who are growing up in this era.

To my utter shock and dismay the article was entitled “Twilight To Be Taught in Cambridge Literature Class”.

Something Rotten in Academia?

What is wrong with this picture? Cambridge, the second oldest university in England, a beacon of higher learning for centuries has fallen into the barrel of rotten apples known as Twilight. It must be the beginning of the apocalypse; that my friends is the only reason I can think  of for a place like Cambridge to torture their students with the fantasies of a grown woman who writes stories as if she’s twelve years old.

So I continued to read said article in hopes of coming up with a sane, logical reason why this institute would even consider Twilight worthy of their academic attentions. Okay, so Cambridge has a newly opened center for the study of children’s literature. Twilight is only one of a number of books, Harry Potter among them, and video games that they will be treating as literature in an attempt to understand the material that is influencing young people.

Whew, that was a close one. *wipes sweat from brow* And here I was thinking that the good folks of academia had lost their bloody minds. So, this is all a psychological research project of sorts. A way to get inside the minds of our youth and understand what is so influential in their lives. That is something I can get behind to an extent. Parents in particular need to be made aware of what their children are reading and how it may influence their judgment. My friend who sent me the article above, we shall call her R., and I have had a number of discussions about Twilight and the negative influence it may have on the young girls of today.

Now to be honest I have not read the series, but I did try to read an excerpt from the first book and I have watched both the movies. I am aware that when Hollywood transfers books to film they often change and/or drop things from the actually books. Often it is because of time or budget constraints that these changes are viewed as needed. When I tried to read an excerpt from Twilight as well as New Moon I was horrified by the writing alone. If I sent in a manuscript written as Ms. Meyers wrote hers my editor would tear me, pardon my French, a new asshole to be honest.

I was surprised and disappointed to discover that something written so immaturely had been picked up by a big publishing house. My first thought was that perhaps it was because it was a young adult book, so I decided to give the excerpt from her first adult novel The Host a try. Unfortunately, I found the writing just as immature and just as awful. My next thought was if this is the kind of writing that the big publishers in New York were seeking, then maybe I should rethink where I want to go with my own writing career.

Yes, I write gay erotic romance.

Yes, I may not be mainstream.

Yes, my work is far more mature.

These are truths that I face every time I look in a mirror. Each time I set down at my laptop and open up that manuscript that holds yet another small facet of my soul, I know these truths. With every word I write I share a part of my heart, mind, and soul with those who care to open up one of my stories. Perhaps, I’ll never be on the New York Times bestseller list, be on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, or have my books sought by Hollywood. But, I do know one thing I will have–my integrity as a writer and a human being.

Cut one head off? Another takes its place.

Enjoy the attention and the money while it lasts Ms. Meyer because eventually it will fade away. Unless this really is the apocalypse and you my dear Ms. Meyer are the Anti-Christ. I’m starting to think that might be the case. After all everywhere I go there you are. Think about that theory for a moment.

Sweet dreams. *insert evil laughter*


5 comments on “Is it the Publishing Apocalypse?

  1. Your comment made me laugh because this is exactly how I feel about Meyers’ writing. As a young girl I would have rolled my eyes at this series.

    My biggest complaint as far as these stories go beyond the lack of decent writing (and this worries me because Meyers claims to have a BA in English) is the “relationship”. What she presents is an unhealthy relationship bordering on the abusive. Bella from what I’ve gleaned is so obsessed with Edward that she believes she cannot live without him. That her life means nothing if she cannot have him.

    Seriously, is this the kind of message we want to send to this young generation? If Ms. Meyers finds nothing wrong in this I fear for her own kids and how they are being raised.

  2. Yes – same issue I have with Dan Brown, but I’m a stylist, a total sucker for style and wit, and…errrm, there’s not enough of that.

    Meyer seems like a messed-up person – and then I see all the pretty hip mid-twenties PAs and secretaries on the bus reading that shite. I must say, I think less of them for that. (“helloooo, you’re a GROWN WOMAN…”). But what do I know?

    Meanwhile, I try to be the best writer that I can.

    • I try to insert style and wit into my writing and agree there isn’t enough of that out in the world.

      You’re being nice when you say messed up. This woman boggles my mind at the things she does and says. She said in an interview that she disliked vampires and horror. WTF? Of course her “vampires”(I use the word lightly) are a disservice to the genre.

      A friend of mine in her late 40’s tried to get me into her stuff because she knew I loved vampires. She raved about how fantastic it was–the best book she’d ever read. *rolls eyes* I can forgive a teenager who doesn’t know better, but an adult who has had tons of life experience? Trust me you know far more than they do.

      Meanwhile, I try to be the best writer that I can.

      Hey, it’s the only thing you can do. 🙂

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