Interview with Author Ann Cory

Welcome to the March 07, 2010 edition of The Fox Hole. For your pleasure today I have multi-published erotic romance novelist Ann Cory. So pour yourself a cup of Joe, grab a sweet, sticky cinnamon  roll, pull up a chair, and help me welcome the newest author to the ranks of The Fox Hole!

Available @ Resplendence Publishing

Welcome to The Fox Hole, Ann it’s a delight to have you. Let’s just get going on the caffeine train. Have you always wanted to be a writer? If so when did you start writing?

I’ve always loved to write since I could pick up a crayon. I used to create little books to read to my stuffed animals, complete with illustrations. Fortunately I realized early that stick figures aren’t going to cut it, and haven’t tried to draw since. I also wrote for the school paper, the yearbook, and the school creative writing journal. What I’ve written has somewhat evolved along with me. Before I started writing erotic romance, I wrote horror, and still do, along with nonfiction and poetry. I don’t think I’ll ever stop writing.

As a writer what inspires you?

I’m inspired by music, the outdoors – especially a beach or waterfall, and my greatest inspiration happens when I’m baking. It seems when I’m elbows deep in some sweet concoction, I get a great idea. I keep notepads around everywhere for those just in case moments, and they’re usually smudged with spices and chocolate.

Do you have any favorite writers?

I have a boatload of favorite authors in many different genres, especially young adult and urban fantasy. I just finished Jeaniene Frost’s book First Drop of Crimson and I’m anxiously waiting for more from her. Kim Harrison is another auto-buy.

If you could live in any time or place–where and when would you choose?

If I could live somewhere else, I’d choose Ireland. While I do have Irish in my blood, I’m drawn to the music and atmosphere of Ireland. Whenever I read books or watch movies with the setting of Ireland it makes me feel like I’m home. I’d love to visit someday.

Well, that makes two of us! Ireland holds a very special place in my own heart. Now, being a professional cook at

Avail @ Resplendence Publishing

one time, I have to ask this one. Do you have a favorite food?

I love cheese, and admit to being an addict. I can’t go a day without cheese or the withdrawals are severe. Aged white cheddar is my favorite, especially paired with a glass of wine. I wonder if I was a mouse in a past life?

Anything is possible. 🙂 Now that I’ve picked your brain, can you tell us about your latest work? Don’t hold back.

My latest release is Beauty’s Beast. I’ve always loved the story of Beauty and the Beast, and many stories I’ve written have that sort of a theme, whether it’s contemporary, vampire, or a shape-shifter. I find the idea of love against all odds very powerful. Lovers accepting one another despite flaws, a curse, or one’s own personal darkness provides incredible fodder for my writing. In the end they save each other – the way I feel love should be. When I don’t feel strong, I know my husband will be strong for me, and vice versus.

Here’s the blurb:

It takes a strong woman to love a beast.

After a planned week away goes bust, Mercedes Black takes to the road. Years of unexplained memory lapses have ruined her relationships with men and left her future uncertain. That is until a good-looking stranger appears along the desolate highway, and she offers him a ride. The moment he enters her car, an internal switch is turned on and her body craves his touch. Figuring she has nothing left to lose, besides her memory, she gives in to her impulses.

Avail @ Resplendence Publishing

Nox Messina has never been the same after volunteering for what he thought was advanced medical research. For years he has been on the run. Tired of being hunted, he decides to take down the doctor who ruined his life, and to insure that no one will stand in his way again. His plan for vengeance gets sidelined when an exquisite beauty offers him much more than a ride, and he can’t refuse.

As their feelings deepen for one another, they discover the man Nox plans to kill plays a crucial role in their future. Not only does he want the beauty for himself, but he wants beauty’s beast out of the way for good.

Beauty’s Beast is available now from Resplendence Publishing

Thank you so much for the interview and allowing me to visit The Fox Hole!

You’re very welcome, Ann. I wish you all the luck and success possible and would love to have you back in the future.

If you would like to learn more about Ann Cory and her work check out the following links:

Publisher/s: Currently Ann is published with Samhain, Ellora’s Cave, Resplendence, Liquid Silver, Total-E-Bound, Cobblestone, and Whiskey Creek.







14 comments on “Interview with Author Ann Cory

  1. Thank you again Jesse for the wonderful interview and for allowing me to share a day here at The Fox Hole! I’ll be stopping in and out today if anyone has any questions…I love questions and am happy to answer them 🙂

    ~Ann Cory

  2. Hey Ann,
    I enjoyed reading the interview. I absolutely loved reading Breakfast @ Tiffany’s (soo HOT!) & Immortally Theirs (sweet & sexy!). I’m eager to read Beauty’s Beast…it looks fantastic.

  3. Thank you very much Audra! I used to love to watch Beauty and the Beast with Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton – was so sorry when that went away. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Anna!!! It’s always a pleasure when you stop by to say hello – I think you’re great 🙂 I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed my books, it makes writing them even more special. *hugs and confetti*

  5. Hi Ann! Wonderful interview! I’m with you on the stick figures – I can draw a dead tree – hee,hee. When are you going to wrtie more egyptian stories (inquiring minds want to know?)

    Hugs ~ K.

  6. Wonderful interview! I happen to be cooking too when an idea will hit me,lol. Good luck and much success to you sweets!

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