Hollywood’s Dark Side Claims Another Soul…

Actor Corey Haim - Dead at 38

I woke this morning to an alert in my in-box via Google that made me shake my head in sadness. Actor Corey Haim died from an apparent drug overdose this morning in Los Angeles. I grew up watching his movies in the 80’s.  Along with his buddy Corey Feldman, as teenagers, they became known as the Two Coreys, a fixture on the big screen in the 8o’s .

As I set here writing this I have to wonder where his family was when the drugs took the place of the phone calls for acting rolls. Some people are just not meant for Hollywood I think–especially the kids that start so young. What was cute at 13 or 14  or even younger doesn’t always translate to adulthood. Look at how many young performers have been swallowed by the dark side of Hollywood: River Phoenix, Brad Renfro,  Jonathan Brandis, and so many others to numerous to name.

I’m not blaming Hollywood completely because it’s not the industry’s fault 100%, but they do hold a portion of the blame. The bigger portion of blame falls on the families of these child stars in particular the parents, many who have pushed their children into these careers because of the money and sadly their own desire to live vicariously through those children.

If the children truly wish to be in this business that’s one thing, but often the parents make them feel guilty for wanting to stop. The strong ones stand up to their parents and leave. The ones who don’t often turn to drugs and alcohol to just make it through the day as they live for someone else’s dream. There are times they pull out of the darkness; Robert Downey, Jr. is a prime example of that, but he had a long road he had to travel. I’m not saying that these people aren’t loved–often they are, yet the drugs, alcohol, and depression that drives them to these addictions blinds them to the truth. Some are strong enough to travel that rocky road and others eventually give in to the pain never seeing how much love surrounds them.

We all have our paths to travel and sometimes we have our doubts. It’s only when those doubts take control that we swerve from that path. Picking up that bottle of alcohol, that pill, or needle is far easier than facing those doubts and fighting them off. We often forget that we don’t have to face life alone. There are those who care for us, support us, and believe in us even when we don’t believe in ourselves. All we have to do is open our eyes and see–really see.

Thinking about these things reminds me of my mom’s favorite hymn Amazing Grace.

Amazing grace! How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost, but now am found,
Was blind but now I see…

My mother was of Irish and Cherokee descent and a spiritual person proud of  her blood line. In honor of her (tomorrow will mark the 3rd anniversary of her death) and all those young souls who have passed without seeing the love they so desperately sought I offer this version of Amazing Grace sang in Cherokee. May they find the peace on the other side that they couldn’t on this earth. Blessed Be…


2 comments on “Hollywood’s Dark Side Claims Another Soul…

  1. His entire era, the whole “Brat Pack” struggled I think, and ya know, I have to wonder why. I realize Hollywood is a crazy place and I realize when you are famous, you have places to go, etc…but where was his Mother or some kind of chaperon to make sure he wasn’t doing anything inappropriate.

    Regardless, I have to say I seen this coming. He had been struggling for a VERY long time, going to therapy and so on. THEN the drugs they had him on, sometimes made things worse. (Seen that from a short reality show that was on TV)When the drugs didn’t work, his friends automatically assumed he was using again, which may not have been the case. I have family who was on some of the same meds, and many times their dosage would be wrong or the type of drug would leave them dazed, confused, and even more out of their mind than street drugs left them…or their mental illnesses left them.

    They have to do an autopsy to confirm it, but it looks like it was his prescribed meds again (so far) and not street drugs.

    I am not sad for him…I am glad he is free. Whatever ‘demons’ he had on earth, just seemed to much for him to battle anymore…so I’d like to think his deity called him home for some peace and a new and stronger life.

    I’ll always remember him as that adventurous boy in The Lost Boys with his loyal dog.

  2. I’m glad his pain has finally ended, but I am sad at the number of young stars who came to this end.

    You are definitely correct about that era. The 1980’s were the era of excess in everything drugs, alcohol, clothes, cars, sex etc. So many of these young people came to fame quickly and unfortunately they didn’t have the kind of support they needed. Hell, look at Charlie Sheen he’s still having issues. His show “Two and a Half Men” has went on hiatus while he goes to rehab yet again.

    Robert Downey, Jr. seems to have worked his way past it although he’s an exception to the rule. What I admire about him is that he doesn’t try to hide what he went through. I watched an Actor’s Studio where he basically came clean. He didn’t try to make excuses for his behavior–he owned up to it.

    I’m hoping that they find it was an illness rather than the drugs again. Like you I will always see him as that adventurous kid who fought vampires with the Frog brothers and his trusty loyal dog.

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