Sharing Great News!

Celebration Time--Come On!!

Just wanted to pop in before I go back to my manuscript. Yes, that’s right after weeks of angst and giving my muse the evil eye, he’s decided to quit being an idiot and offered up honey instead of vinegar. 😉

I have some fantastic news on a couple of fronts.

  • As most of my readers know I’ve been doing a feature Movie Reviews from The Fox Hole where I review movies from my DVD collection over at The Pagan & the Pen for the past few weeks. I was recently contacted by a review site 7Tavern. Apparently, they liked what they saw so much they offered to fast-track me and give me exclusive publishing privileges on their site. The only concern I had was I wanted to continue posting my reviews on The Pagan and the Pen. They had no problem with that and I accepted their offer. Don’t have a clue where this might lead, but it seemed like a great way to spread my name out there in the blog publishing world!
  • My second piece of news is incredible as well. I’ve been honored to take on the Promo Assistant position at my publisher Dark Roast Press. Just found out for sure on Tuesday and I’m excited. Apparently, my blogging efforts have proven profitable in catching my publisher’s eye. Since last fall I’ve been doing a Sunday feature called The Fox Hole where I’ve interviewed writers from every genre and sub-genre. I never expected the result I got. My most recent call in January for interviewees resulted in my filling the entire 2010 schedule within 72 hours! I would like to thank all the writers that answered both calls and gave a struggling writer’s blog a boost by offering themselves and their work up for scrutiny. Since the The Fox Hole became a regular feature visits have jumped from an average of 10-15 per day to a mind boggling  average of 100-120 per day! This month alone my blog has had nearly 2500 hits and the month isn’t over.

Thanks again to all my fellow writers for their contributions that made this possible. You can never know how much this means to me. It is true what the old saying claims “It takes a village to raise a child”. You guys are my village and you’ve made this child’s dream come true.

Blessed Be! 😀


12 comments on “Sharing Great News!

  1. Seeeeeeeeee, I could have deleted the 7tavern as spam lol…but I check most of what lands in the spam bin out and was hoping I was right and they weren’t. I am glad to know they weren’t and wish you the best of luck and much success Mzzzzzzzzz. Foxy!

    • I appreciate that you didn’t. We’ll see where this goes, but no worries, I’m still rocking the movie reviews for The Pagan & the Pen! Weeeee!!! *spins & flounces off to write*

  2. Jesse, what wonderful news!
    As one of the authors who’ve taken your fabulous opportunity for a little
    promo, I can say thanks! for taking the time and making the effort to go
    out of your way with this blog.
    It certainly paid off!

  3. Thank you so much, Lynn. I’ve tried and it’s been a pleasure getting to know so many wonderfully talented people. I hope things work out on a positive note. Last night my publisher said to me–Hell you’ve accomplished more in the past 24 hours than the previous three promo peeps did in months. I guess that’s a good start.

    Thank you again , Lynn for the support. 🙂

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