Today there are a number people across the world that are celebrating something. For me though the celebration is in honor of the company and the person who gave me an opportunity to live my dream of being a writer. Dreams do not come without a price, but the price is well worth it when the result is living that dream. So many folks just sit back and expect the dream fairy to drop the dream into their lap with no work, no sacrifice, and free of charge.

Happy 2nd B-Day to Dark Roast Press

The reality of a being a writer is far from the fantasy, but I found the door to my dream, and I accepted the chance. Two years ago today four writers, myself included, helped launch a dream wasn’t just our own, but that a wonderful woman who saw in us the potential to go far. Two years is nothing in the big scheme of the universe, but for us, the fact that we’ve made it this far is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Dark Roast Press was the dream child of Rhiannon Rhodes, the dream of a publisher with an emphasis on quality over quantity. Erotic writing that was more than just sex on a stick, but rather erotic-romance that not only titillated the libido, but the mind as well. The focus would be on GLBTQ works, but would welcome Hetero and Non-Erotic as well, often with a dark flavor much like the coffee it is named after. Some folks out there didn’t get it and maybe they never will–who knows. *shrugs*

We are the little publisher that could. A group of writers that believe just because it’s erotic doesn’t mean it can’t be intelligent or of a high quality. We’re not snobs in the least despite suggestions that we were in the beginning. The exploration of the erotic is an endless world of possibilities covering every genre/sub-genre you could imagine. We don’t limit our writers’ imaginations nor do we walk the easy path to fame or fortune. What we do is create memorable tales of love, lust, romance, alternate universes, the paranormal, sci-fi, and most importantly characters that stay with you long after the story is finished.

So to those of you out there who tune into my blog, those who crave something a little more with your erotic-romance I invite you to take a peek into the worlds of Dark Roast Press. You might just be surprised… 😀



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