Free-Read from Christopher C. Newman

There is a lovely writer who I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for the past two years. Christopher C. Newman is a fellow Dark Roast Press writer, creator of the wickedly delicious Noah Ravenswood Series, and Chris is now offering up a free-read!

Free-Read Avail @ Christopher Newman's Site

Internet Picture Experiment is a never before published collection of short stories based on unusual photographs that Chris has run across while surfing the net. Have you ever saw a photo and wondered what the hell was really going on or a photo that you were curious about the genesis of? Well then Internet Picture Experiment is perfect for you.

With his own special wild, erotic, and twisted sense of the amazing Chris has created a collection of stories that will have you amused, titillated, and shocked. Anyone who knows this wonderful writer knows he’s got one kick-ass sense of humor.

So run (do not walk) over and download your copy of Internet Picture Experiment today!




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