Interview with Author Sascha Illyvich

Welcome to the May 02, 2010 edition of The Fox Hole. Today multi-published and elusive author Sascha Illyvich is my guest. So let’s get a little naughty, pour a cup of Joe, grab a  sweet pastry, pull up a chair, and give Sascha a warm welcome. 😉

Renaissance E-books

Welcome to ‘The Fox Hole’ Sascha it’s an honor and a privilege to have you as a guest. Could you start by telling my readers a little bit about yourself?

Sure. I’m an erotic romance author focusing primarily on Male dominant BDSM stories and ménage stories as well. I’ve been writing for the past ten years, made a lot of great contacts and now host my own radio show on Radio Dentata where we read excerpts of my work, interview today’s hottest authors and generally have a good time. We’re uncensored and adult but we’re not porn, though I got my start writing erotica. When I’m not writing, people can usually find me at one of two cigar shops in the SF/Bay Area or at my favorite cigar bar with a glass of wine or scotch in hand.

Wine and cigars, now that’s a pleasurable past time. Sascha have you always wanted to be a writer? If so when did you start writing?

About ten years ago I began seriously writing, but yes I’ve always wanted to write. Mistress Koi of guided me into erotica through ERWA and Scarlet Letters where I tried my hand at erotica. I discovered that my stories not only had a happy ending (heh heh heh) but tended to have a happily ever after, so I made the gradual move to erotic romance. .

Sounds like you were very lucky to have Mistress Koi as a mentor. So many writers don’t have that and her guidance seems to have been just what you needed. Speaking of guidance leads to inspiration. As a writer what inspires you?

Emotion. Music. The What If game. Desire to succeed.

So many of the writers I’ve interviewed are readers also and have been inspired by their favorite writers. Do you have any favorite writers?

”I hate my rhymes but hate everyone else’s more.” – Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park

That is a unique answer I’ve never had before. Often people forget musicians are writers as well creators of emotion and imagery with their words. I love to ask this next question because I feel it gives a bit of insight into who an author is. If you could live in any time or place–where and when would you choose?

Tough call. Probably a place where I could more easily be the bisexual, poly Alpha switch that I am?

That’s a fabulous answer that speaks volumes. A place where one can be themselves openly is a place we could all get behind. Now to ask you a question that is just me being me. Being a professional cook at one time, I love to find out what kind of foods my interviewees enjoys. Do you have a favorite food?

Good food. Eel, steak, is alcohol a food?

It can be depending on who you talk to. Any cook worth a damn definitely works it into recipes so I guess the answer is YES! 😀 Now that I’ve picked your brain, can you tell us about your latest work? Don’t hold back!

Latest published is: Trouble for Three in the Caught in the Middle Anthology at Total E-bound

Total E-Bound

From “Caught in the Middle” Anthology

Out by Total E-bound



One hot woman, two incredibly handsome gentlemen, how can this get any better?

Fed up with stupid men who can’t decide what they want, Anneke leaves work one afternoon and ends up going out with a few girlfriends only to spy two cute guys watching them. Specifically, they’re both paying attention to her.

Wondering what it would be like to have them both to herself, Anneke arranges to meet the guys sans her girlfriends just so she can get into a little trouble on her own!

Next up: Lessons Learned from Bound with a Bow Anthology at Phaze

Wendi disappointed her master and was left at the club. When a strange woman comforts her and brings her into her world, Wendi is shown a different side of BDSM and a secret about her Master that threatens to break old patterns.

Lastly: I Want To Submit to You, Master: Part II in the Mistress Turned Series at Renaissance E-books

Could His Extreme Dominance Techniques Turn a Female Dom into a Sub? “Dunno why, but I Will Submit to You, Master has an eerie, surreal aura hanging around it. A great performance.” – JimmyJump,

“POWERFUL!” – Sensual Reviews

“… one of the BEST stories EVER posted on Literotica, and I’ve been a fan here for years!” – Anonymous in the South

“Mr. Illyvich has given us an erotic view into what seems to be an exclusive world of control and possessiveness.” – Hollie, Coffee Time Romance. “Now comes the newest novel of tops and bottoms, masters and slaves, dominants and submissives from the celebrated Top, and author of Gift of Her Submission.”

It sounds like you’ve been busy and the reviews are excellent. Unfortunately, we’re out of time today. I’d like to thank Sascha for taking the time to set down and chat with me. If you’d like to learn more about Sascha and his work take a few minutes and check out the links below:



Renaissance E-books:
Total E-bound:







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