Fox’s Adventures in Ghost Hunting

Unfortunately, due to non-communication with the scheduled author this week, The Fox Hole will be taking a hiatus for today. Yeah, I’m a bit disappointed, but then we all lose track of time, e-mails get lost, and general chaos sticks its boot up our bum once in a blue moon. So I’ve decided to share my little adventure in ghost hunting. 😉

Who ya gonna call? The Fox?

For those of you that know me personally you’re aware of my love of everything paranormal. The idea of the supernatural and all it encompasses has been a constant in my life since I was a child. Growing up in a house that had its own ghost and a mother who was gifted made the paranormal well…normal for me.

Growing older I realized why we didn’t talk about certain things and also discovered one other thing–I’d inherited certain aspects of my mother’s gifts. No, I don’t talk to ghosts per se or even see them with my eyes, but I do sense them. At first I tried to deny this little quirk thinking the last thing I needed was one more thing to make people look at me as if I were an alien. Lucky for me I pulled my head out of my ass and part of the reason I did was because for some odd reason people seemed to know even when I didn’t talk about it. These people I met opened up to me and over the past twenty-five years I’ve collected enough stories involving the paranormal that I could probably write a book of true ghost stories.

One of my best friends now is a woman who very much like my mother has a gift that she looks on as a curse. It runs in her family, both her adult kids possessing the gift as well. Unlike my mom she has a friend in me who has shown her that it is a gift. Recently, I smudged her apartment that she shares with her daughter. She had a couple of spirits lingering around that were not happy she and her daughter were there. Since I made my visit she’s had no further problems and she was amazed. Now she wants to learn more and visit other places where spirits are said to linger. Yesterday, we made our first trip–McPike Mansion in Alton, Illinois.

McPike Mansion, 1869

For those in the paranormal community, Alton is considered one of the most haunted small towns in the country. The town boasts a booming tourist trade, a great deal involving its haunted status. Forty minutes outside of St. Louis, Missouri and hugging the shoreline of the mighty Mississippi river Alton at times has the feel of one walking  back in time.

Although, we didn’t get to spend much time there (the owners do tours to raise money for the restoration of the mansion for more info click HERE) because we were on a timetable and you have to schedule tours ahead of time.

The owners though were very kind to allow use to roam certain areas of the grounds and take as many pictures as we wanted. They’re very cautious because of the condition of the mansion that sits atop what was once known as Mt. Lookout, the highest point in Alton. Sadly, by the time they purchased McPike it had been abandoned for around fifty years and was in a state of severe disrepair. They have since gotten the building listed on the National Historic Registry and in spots there is scaffolding up for the restoration; a work in progress relying on donations and the tours I mentioned previously.

The thing that surprised me the most was that the mansion wasn’t set back along a lonely section of woods as some of the programs I’ve seen on it have insinuated. Rather it is right in the middle of a very active neighborhood, families living next door as well as across Alby Street where it’s located.

Southern Lawn View of McPike

The moment I stepped on the grounds I knew this place was steeped in the past and more than likely any activity that has been witnessed is in all likelihood residual energy. Walking through the lush grass, held back by safety fencing I felt that energy and only once did I catch a surge that seemed to be an actual spirit. It seemed as if someone where watching us and wondering what we were doing then shrugged and went on their way.

Just the chance to stand that close to a place I’ve dreamed of visiting for so long was enough for me. My friend was disappointed that she didn’t see anything, but as I explained to her spirits aren’t performers they don’t just show because you demand they do and neither will they appear more because its night (despite what ghost hunting shows claim or insinuate). I’ve managed to capture what appears to be paranormal activity three times in my life and always during daylight hours. Yesterday was one of those times.

As I flipped through my photos back home I came across one particular photo that I saw something in. Now I won’t say what I saw was paranormal, but I showed it to two other people without telling them what I believed I saw. One was the friend who was with me during the trip and the other a friend in Michigan who wouldn’t know McPike Mansion from a codfish. 😀

My friend who so desperately wanted to see a ghost saw nothing in the photo. The friend who knew nothing about McPike saw exactly what I saw and trust me it was amazing that what she described was almost exactly what I saw. Now whether what the two of us saw is paranormal is up for debate. Even I have my doubts as to whether it is what I believe it is. Perhaps it’s nothing but an optical illusion, but if that were the case then you would think it would be in every photo taken in that area.

So I’d love to hear from my readers. Let me know if you see anything and if you do–describe it. To see the photo click on the link below:

One of the Spirits of McPike Mansion?


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