Interview with Author Lisa Troy

Welcome to the May 30, 2010 edition of The Fox Hole. Today I have as my guest the lovely and talented author Lisa Troy. So in celebration of Memorial Day St. Louis Style grab an ice cold beer, a plate of barbecue pork steak & baked beans, pull up a lawn chair, and help me give Lisa a warm, holiday welcome.

Avail @ Freya's Bower

Welcome to ‘The Fox Hole’ Lisa it’s a delight to have you on the beautiful holiday weekend. We’ll start simple. We’d love for you to tell the readers a little bit about yourself?

Well, I’ll try even though talking about myself isn’t my favorite thing. I much prefer talking about others! Anyway, I’m a simple 27 year-old woman from Greece. I’ve finished law school thinking it would be just like the movies, but realized all too soon the Greek system is a lot stricter and more difficult to bend than the US one. For better or worse (that is still to be determined), I passed a nationwide exam and was hired to work at a bank, where I’ve been working for the past five years. Seeing as the man of my dreams is too elusive, I’m still single.

Isn’t everyone’s dream man elusive? Because I swear mine is lost in the Amazon somewhere. 😉 Now I know this is probably a standard question, but have you always wanted to be a writer? If so when did you start writing?

Actually, no, I haven’t always wanted to be a writer. I started writing about three years ago, in a time when I wanted to escape my life. Or to be more accurate, first I started reading romance novels to get away, then one day thought to myself “I don’t like this ending. I would’ve done it differently.” So I started writing my own stories.

As a writer myself I think that’s where I started as well. I think all writers are inspired by the what if aspect of writing. I know I’ve seen a few stories where I did the same thing. Speaking of inspiration–as a writer what inspires you?

Everything. From the smallest, most insignificant thing or gesture in real life to reading a story on the newspaper or watching a movie.

It is amazing what can inspire us–isn’t it. I know a lot of writers are voracious readers and look towards favorite writers as inspiration as well. Do you have any favorite writers?

Yes. Lisa Kleypas, Shirley Busbee, Lora Leigh, Maya Banks, Beth Kery to name a few.

I’ve actually read Shirley Busbee’s work, but when I was younger. She’s an excellent writer. My next question I feel gets inside the head of most writers, tells us a bit about them personality wise. If you could live in any time or place–where and when would you choose?

France, England, or Spain in the 16th century, provided that I was royalty or at least part of the titled gentry, lol.

Well, of course! You surely wouldn’t want to be of the working class. That would have been an incredibly difficult life. Now this is one of my favorite questions just because. Being a professional cook at one time–do you have a favorite food?

Yes, my favorite food is pastitsio. It’s pasta and ground meat with bechamel on top.

Meat and pasta–you’re a woman to my own heart. 😀 Since I’ve picked your brain about general stuff now we can get to the whole point we’re here. Can you tell us about your latest work? And please don’t hold back!

My book “The Art of Losing” was published by Freya’s Bower just before New Year’s. It’s the story of a young middle-school teacher, Emily Stone, who has been hurt by men and decides falling in love isn’t for her. She decides she’ll be a man about it and have relationships just for the sex of it. What she doesn’t count on is bumping into a sexy stranger who steals a kiss from her. When the stranger turns out to be the older brother of one of her students, Emily is afraid he’ll steal more than just a kiss…

That sounds quite romantic! I’ll have to check it out. Well, unfortunately our time has run to a close, Lisa. I’d love to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule–especially during a holiday–to sit and chat. You’re welcome back to The Fox Hole anytime. 😀

For those of you interested in learning more about Lisa and her work please check out the following links:


Author’s Website:





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