Interview with Kissa Starling

Welcome to a Special Monday Edition of The Fox Hole on June 21, 2010. Sadly real life has a tendency to wander in and kick me in the arse on occasion and make me forget what bloody date it is. *eyeballs RL & growls* Long story short I almost forgot about my guest today and I can not apologize enough. So here I am on a way too damn hot morning, hiding inside amongst the shadows, and getting ready to introduce a lovely writer who has the heart of a saint as far as I’m concerned. So, folks, pour yourself a frozen margarita, head for the A/C with that comfortable chair, and help give my guest Kissa Starling a lovely welcome!

Welcome to The Fox Hole, Kissa, it’s a delight to have you considering I almost forgot you. *blushes in embarrassment* I usually start out with asking the authors to tell the readers a little bit about themselves?

I’m a bit of a geek. I love spending time with family, playing cards and board games and drinking out of green bendy straws. Oh yeah, shiny things distract me!

You remind me of my best friend on that last point. She seems to be distracted by shiny things as well. I’ve always teased her and said that she’s part bird or cat one. They both seem to be distracted by the pretty, shiny things. 😉 Of course it could just be that creative aspect of the personality that gets distracted and speaking of…have you always wanted to be a writer? If so when did you start writing?

I have always enjoyed the written word. My interests in being a writer started with children’s books and moved to more adult works a few years ago. I began writing, with the intent to publish, about three years ago. A contest snagged me in and although I didn’t win I did get excellent feedback and I went full force ahead from that point on.

I think you’re probably the only writer to date that I’ve interviewed that dove into publishing via a contest. Sounds like that feedback must have been kick-ass to get you steaming full force ahead. Now as a writer what inspires you?

Everything around me. I love watching people, animals and looking at a variety of objects in my environment. I find inspiration in words, colors and music as well. I have to include meditation, yoga and rides on the back of my hubby’s Harley as well. Movies are another favorite of mine. We still have a drive in theatre in Atlanta and I go as often as I can. I’ve even been inside of the reel room to see how things work. I love learning new things.

I’m exactly the same way. Love learning new things. That’s a prerequisite to being a writer at least I’ve always believed that. Another thing I’ve noticed about most writers is that they’re voracious readers. In that line of thought do you have any favorite writers?

So many! I love the horror of Stephen King and the intrigue of James Patterson. I grew up on V.C. Andrews books and my mother’s Agatha Christie collection. There are so many authors that I’ve been exposed to online and I’m finding many new ones along the way. I love a variety of book genres just as I do a variety of musical artists. I so enjoy finding a new author/artist that I like.

I see that we share some similar tastes there in the reading. King was a huge influence on me as was Patterson and Andrews. Knowing reading tastes can give you an insight into any author, but one of my favorite questions to ask is the next one. If you could live in any time or place–where and when would you choose?

Definitely during the renaissance period. I love the clothing, the way the men took charge and the fact that horses were the main method of transport. A few years ago I had clothing made for my husband and I that matches the clan colors from his family. His ancestry is Scotland and his family castle still stands. Too bad they haven’t owned it for more than a century!

That is a shame about the castle, but at least it still remains and that’s an excellent thing. I believe knowing one’s history is important. I just recently started finding some success in tracking down my father’s family.  Another question that I believe without a doubt gives an insight on any person be they writer or not is one that stems from my own past. At one point I was a professional cook and I find tastes in food quite revealing. Do you have a favorite food?

Anything southern is my favorite. I love it all- fresh veggies, cornbread, biscuits and gravy, country ham, hashbrowns… I feel like I’m ordering from Waffle House!! Haha I do love to cook but my husband cooks many things better than I do. At one point he considered becoming a chef.

He probably would have been a successful one. To be honest some of the best chefs come from the south. And by the way–you’re a woman to my own heart in the food department. Sounds like you’re ordering off my mom’s menu. 😀

Now that I’ve picked your brain about everything else on the face of the planet, can you tell us about your latest work? Don’t hold back!

Avail @ Red Rose Publishing

My latest release is Book 3 in the Lifestyle Series- Rick’s Story. It’s about a dominant and his wife and their marital troubles. Lifestylers have relationship problems too you know. He has erectile dysfunction and doesn’t want to tell her because sex is such a huge part of their relationship. He decides he must either tell her or risk losing her. Her reaction makes up a big part of the story. All of the stories in this series are from the male point of view.

Now that’s a subject that you rarely see discussed in books, although I think it should be. Sometimes I think that we hide far more than we should when it comes to what goes on behind the bedroom door. I’ll have to check out the series at some point as soon as I get my head out of my bum. LOL It was lovely chatting with you Kissa and thank you gain for being so understanding of my absentminded self. You’re welcome back to The Fox Hole anytime!

If you would like to learn more about Kissa Starling and her work check out the following links:


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8 comments on “Interview with Kissa Starling

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  2. Fabulous interview. I’m excited everytime we work on a project together. Looking forward to more endeavors in the near future. ^_^ The new story sounds great.

  3. OK, what in the world is it with the darn green bendy straws? What’s wrong with yellow ones? Yellow ones are pretty too! Love the interview. Got some answers and questions you don’t see all the time. (Which is rather refreshing!)


  4. Thanks so much Beth! I love working with you as well. We have a lot of editing work ahead of us this summer and I am so excited. (Goes back to the learning new things because I am sure I will learn a lot editing this project we have going on). If you aren’t aware Beth Wylde is having a month long GLBT shin-dig on her yahoo group. I believe today is f/f day, one of my favorites. Google her name and drop on by!

  5. Kissa, what a fantastic interview…You know I am one of your biggest fants…You are such a truly talented and amazing author…I look forward to seeing what is next for you and your books…

  6. AJ- Okay, let me clarify. I love lime-green bendy straws. They have a bit of yellow in them so we are good. I should have been more detailed for you! Love ya girl.

    Savannah- Thanks so much for reading it. I appreciate you so much. I’m hoping you get to see lots and lots of new titles from me in the next year!

  7. Fabulous interview. I love reading new exciting news about you and your work. I can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve by summers end!

  8. Thanks Hales! I am finishing up a lesbian tattoo story this week and then back to my full length mermaid story, Amiera’s Love. I’m at 30K words- need to be at 60-65K. I think I can, I think I can…. : )

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