Inspirational Quotes from Famous Writers

Whole New Meaning to Writer's Block

The past few months have been a roller coaster of insanity. Remember the movie House on Haunted Hill, not the original–the 1999 remake. In the beginning, we get a taste of the type of roller coaster I’m talking about; flailing limb mechanisms and all. *snorts*

I’ve been trying to get back on the roller coaster and this time I need to make sure the seat belt is in place and that the tracks aren’t fucked up. So I went back to some of my favorite quotes from famous writers that inspired and made me laugh when I first started out.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I would rather laugh than cry. And a nice hot flaming kick in the ass would help as well. 😉



A 18th Century French Enlightenment writer and philosopher

“Art must entertain and enlighten. To do only one, is a waste of time and effort.”


An American writer of speculative fiction

“Put everything down on paper, you can edit the crap out later.”


Okay so he’s not a writer, but I love this quote from Old Blue Eyes

“Work as if immediately after finishing the project you are going to drop dead, and it is by this one thing, and this one thing only, that you will be remembered or forgotten.”


An American film director, producer and screenwriter from Hollywood’s Golden Age

“There are five simple rules for telling a good story: you must have a scene where everybody cheers the hero, and a scene where they all boo the villain, a scene where they gasp in horror, a scene where they burst into laughter, and DONT &*$#% UP THE REST!”


Nobel Prize winning American author and journalist

“From page one, light a fire under the reader

that is only extinguished with the words ‘The End’.”


American science fiction writer

“The first line of a novel denotes the basic thrust of the entire work.”


Nobel Prize-winning American novelist and short story writer

“There is truly only one plot in all of fiction – the human heart in conflict with itself.”


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