Ghostly Photos – Do You Believe?

One of my obsessions or hobbies you might say is my love of the paranormal. I’ve been obsessed with it since I was a small child. Having talked about my childhood before most of those familiar with me know that there are two major reasons for this.

1) I grew up in a haunted house.

Yes, I said it. Now I know that there are those out there that are complete skeptics who will huff and roll their eyes. That is their right to do so. Opinions are like assholes–every one has one. Okay, that was a bit sarcastic, but it is true and I feel that we all have the right to voice those opinions right, wrong, or otherwise.

2) My mother was gifted.

I prefer gifted or sensitive because of the stigma attached to the term psychic. She always knew when things were about to happen especially when it came to her family. My grandmother before was the same. Most of the women in my family are sensitive and have run the gambit between seeing, hearing, and/or sensing spirits and sometimes knowing things that no one should unless something or someone whispered it in their ear.

So between those two things I became obsessed with the paranormal. I won’t lie–I do believe in the paranormal. That doesn’t mean I’m crazy or a pushover for the first cold-reader that passes my way. I don’t jump at shadows, never have, and I have the desire for the scientific world to be willing to research this field using scientific method and equipment to gather evidence. If you can give me an alternative explanation then I am more than willing to listen.

One of my more recent favorite things is photography, something I inherited from my mother. As a matter of fact I have her antique Kodak Brownie camera which as far as I know still works if you can find the film for it. My favorite though is a gift from a friend; a Sony Cyber-shot SC-W120 Super Steady Shot digital. I’ve owned it for just over two years and have found I enjoy taking photos.

In those two years that I’ve had the camera I’ve photographed some things that are beautiful and some that boggle the mind. My first odd photo was taken in the basement of a friends condo in July 2008 just two months after I received the camera. She’d been having some strange things happen and her mother called me wanting me to come in and see what I could pick up. Oh, yeah did I mention that I can feel dead people? *chuckles* In my family not unusual and not something I share openly in my daily life.

I definitely felt something in the basement, but nothing scary–more playful. Then again one person’s playful is another one’s scary. Nothing unusual showed up in any of the previous photos I’d taken that day, but all the photos taken in the basement were unfocused although I have auto focus. Other than a wee bit of fuzzy it seemed a bust until I took the final photo. Prior to taking this photo I felt something touch me and stated, “You need to stop that it’s annoying. If you have something to say just show yourself.” Below is the photo I took that day–untouched.

Ghost or Not? You Decide.

Just to give you further information the picture was taken at the bottom of the basement stairs, my friend was to my right, her daughter to the left, and no one was in front of the camera when I took the picture. If they had been I would have seen them, plus there was maybe a foot between me and the bottom step. What this is I can’t say definitively. Being as it’s a digital though it leaves out the possibility of double exposure. I can say nothing of this type has ever showed up again in any photo I’ve taken with this camera in the past two years. You decide what happened and trust me I am open to suggestions.

The next possible photo was taken this past May when a friend and I visited the infamous McPike Mansion in Alton, Illinois. To be honest I wasn’t expecting anything because often the “most haunted” places are the ones that reveal just mass hysteria or pareidolia (where the human mind tries to make sense of random patterns and no GH it is not called matrixing–sorry). People who walk in expecting something will always believe they’ve found something. Out of around 50 or so photos only one caught my eye. I suppose what I believe I see could simply be a case of pareidolia, although I did show it to three other people without telling them what I saw and two of those three described exactly what I saw. I’ll let you be the judge. Is there anything unusual in this photo?

Do you see what I see?

This one not so obvious and as I said previously perhaps it’s just a simple case of pareidolia. What amuses me though is the fact that the one person who really wanted to see something didn’t. Go figure. *shrugs*

Now my latest picture is up for scrutiny was taken in the apartment I just moved into at the end of July. A friend and I were having a discussion about the sounds I kept hearing in this apartment; a low hum and/or whistling and a clicking like someone snapping their fingers. I told her I knew something was here. I’ve lived in the building for 15 years and many of the tenants (I’ve managed it for 5 years) have reported footsteps, voices, and loud thuds above them when the apartments in question are empty. Hell, I’ve even heard and seen things so no surprises here. She suggested though after I told her the sounds were emanating from the corner of the living room where I’d put a chair that had been in storage for around ten years that perhaps the chair was haunted. I kind of laughed it off until last week. As I was setting there trying to write I decided What the hell? Turning around I chuckled and said, “If you’re real can you show yourself to me?” I then snapped a series of photos. These are those photos. Again they are untouched. Suggestions?

Now for something a bit more fun and to prove that anything can appear to be a ghost if given the opportunity. Check this photo out I took this afternoon. I was deliberately trying to create something that might be mistaken for something of the paranormal variety. The following photo is untouched, but I guarantee it is not paranormal in the least.

Could it be a spirit? Or am I fooling around?

No spirit here! But what is it then? Take a guess and I’ll tell you if you’re right. 😉


7 comments on “Ghostly Photos – Do You Believe?

  1. Oh, damn. I WANT to think there is a face in the far left window in the photo of the mansion…but I also know it’s just my wishful thinking to SEE something, anything.
    I do believe in paranormal activity. Have never encountered anything myself, other than visits to a local little antique shopping town. All the shops are set up in refurbished old homes…and I always, always can ‘feel’ presences whenver I go in them. Sometimes, so horribly powerful that I have to leave. As though whoever they are, they’re not happy for anybody to be there.

    Enjoyed SO this post. And I’m dying to know what is in the mansion photo! And I believe the former owners of your chair are certainly there.

    Hope to see more paranormal posts from you!

    • Carol,

      That is exactly what I and the two other friends believed we saw. To me it appears to be the face of a woman with hair pulled up and she is wearing what appears to be a dark dress from the Victorian period.

      Some believe Henry McPike and his family never left the beautiful mansion. I believe what we’re seeing here is what some parapsychologists refer to as a residual haunting. This is when images appear, but repeat their actions as if it were a tape on a loop, unaware of anything around them. They don’t interact with the world around them.

      One of the theories is that certain natural elements such as quartz or granite can act as a recording device, absorbing the energy that is released during times of great emotional distress and then can replay said energy under certain weather conditions; humidity, heat, cold, etc. McPike Mansion is setting on the highest point in Alton overlooking the Mississippi River. By the way two of the most common elements found along the cliffs are granite and quartz–coincidence?

      I took a number of pictures of the house, these front windows among them, and none of the others showed this possible image. What are we seeing? Possibly an image of Henry’s wife Eleanor replayed from a moment in time of great distress (she seems to be watching for something). Or perhaps the present owners stirred something up when they began their restoration of the mansion. Then again it could be wishful thinking.

      Check out the photos of Henry and his wife Eleanor at the link below if you’re interested, but turn down your speakers first. The site has music playing.

      Thanks for stopping by Carol! 😉

  2. Oh, man! That site was fantastic! The house, in those photos, does indeed seem ‘inhabited’! Love it! I’d LOVE to tour it!
    Thanks for sharing that link! And thanks again for the cool post!

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