Take that Ghost Hunters!

Yeah, that’s kind of childish I suppose, but I just needed to let it out. Don’t get me wrong I love watching Ghost Hunters along with pretty much any paranormal show I can get my hands on that tries to at least look legit and not do the usual oogie-boogie shit as my character Jackson Pruitt would say (he’s the tech-geek in my WIP Primeval Whispers : Book I of the AP Investigations Series).

The one thing I find disappointing with GH and GHI is their negative attitude toward sensitives (aka mediums, psychics, etc.). I get it I do. Most of these so-called psychics are fake as Pamela Anderson’s boobs, but guys some of us are real. If they were to look at me they would go–HUH? I’m not all oogie-boogie crystal balls, gold lame, hoopy earrings; well you get the picture. 😀

Don't get the picture? Here ya go!

Any who…back to the point of this blog.

Last weekend my friend Tea brought me along to ride shotgun while helping a friend who was moving into a new apartment. Despite my knee being a bitch (not to mention my ass being fat–LOL) I climbed three flights of stairs to said apartment only to experience one of the strongest reactions I’ve ever had.

Looking around the apartment I knew there was something there. I was fine until I walked into the kitchen and suddenly I couldn’t breath. Turning to walk out of the kitchen I stopped in the doorway when it felt as if some over-muscled WWF reject punched me in the chest. I vacated quickly and informed Tea I would not be crossing the threshold of that apartment any time soon.

It wasn’t just that, but I picked up a name. As soon as we left I ended up distracted by other things (that’s a story for another day though). On the second trip I chose to stay downstairs in the parking lot when Tea went up to let them know we were leaving. Whatever or whoever this presence was it needed me to acknowledged it. It was 91 degrees outside and as I sat there an icy wind blew straight through me followed by the name again.

The following day I Googled obsessively until my fingers hurt from typing. I found nothing, but this evening I received confirmation I wasn’t as crazy as I thought. Tea forwarded an e-mail from her friend. Not even a week living there and she saw what I couldn’t–not that I’m complaining. I would rather not see them and maybe that’s because I’m not ready for that–yet.

All I do know is that I’m glad for this confirmation. This girl did not know about what I felt or picked up. I didn’t say anything to her simply because I didn’t want her frightened or to think I was crazy. That’s what usually happens. This is where I say I hate Hollyweird and extremist religious bullshit. These energies are not demonic nor can they hurt you. They were once people; they’re angry, scared, lost, loving, etc. Imagine if you were in a room full of people and all you wanted was for someone to acknowledge you and they wouldn’t. What if they treated you as if you didn’t exist?

I won’t lie. I’ve been frightened and that’s a normal reaction to things we can’t explain. Of course my fear has fueled my fire, the passion I have for the paranormal. My mother, despite her flawed logic sometimes, did teach me one thing. You need to face your fears to overcome them and that is what I’ve done.

So the next time you’re faced with something that seems unbelievable think about how you can face that fear and explain it. As Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.”


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