Interview with Amy Grech

Welcome to the October 24, 2010 edition of The Fox Hole. Today my guest is Amy Grech, a darkly delicious writer of horror; perfect for the Halloween season. So grab a mug of hot cider, one of those pumpkin tarts, a comfy chair, settle down here in front of the fire, and join me in giving Amy a spooktacular welcome!

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Welcome, Amy, it’s a delight to have you. My readers would love to get to know you. Have you always wanted to be a writer?

Ever since I was a small child, I enjoyed reading.  I decided to pursue writing in high school and started selling short stories to small press publications while a student at Ithaca College with a major in English and minor in creative writing.

Every writer faces rejection.

Early on I received form letter rejections, though these were quickly replaced by handwritten, encouraging comments from various Editors.  Soon, the acceptances outnumbered the rejections—a triumph for any writer!  To date, I’ve sold two short story collections: Apple of My Eye to Two Backed Books several years ago and just last year, Damnation Books published my second collection, Blanket of White. In addition, I’ve sold over one hundred stories and three poems to various genre anthologies and magazines.

As a writer what inspires you?

I actually get inspired a lot when I ride the subway or while taking ling walks around Brooklyn and Manhattan.  I carry a little notebook everywhere, so I can jot down ideas as soon as they hit me.

I also listen to music while I’m writing, it helps me get into the zone; my tastes run the gamut: Coldplay, Death Cab for Cutie, The Killers, Moby, U2 and many others.

You’ve already said you loved to read as a child. Do you have any favorite writers?

My influences include: Franz Kafka, H. P. Lovecraft, Joyce Carol Oates, Edgar Allan Poe, and Mary Shelley.

There are a couple of my own favorites on that list. Lovecraft and Poe inspired me a great deal when I first started writing. Just to get a peek into the brains of writers I love to ask this question. If you could live in any time or place–where and when would you choose?

Definitely 19th Century England where ladies were revered for their beauty!

That’s a great pick and I love your reasoning. All us ladies should be appreciated for our beauty. 😉 Another favorite question I pose to writers is the following. Being a professional cook at one time, I believe a person’s personal tastes can reveal a great deal about them. Having said that do you have a favorite food?

I have several: Grits, Red Velvet Cake, and Sushi—not necessarily in that order!

Oh, a woman to my own heart. Red Velvet Cake is an exquisite choice. Now that I’ve picked your brain, can you tell us about your latest work?

Blanket of White is a collection of 14 short stories, mainly horror, though there are a few sci-fi/horror hybrids as well.

“Blanket of White” was born from my desire to write a story devoid of sexual content.  Up until then, all of my stories focused on sex as erotic horror and several critics questioned if I could delve deeper into the human psyche. I’m pleased to say I can tackle any subject matter!  “Ashes to Ashes,” “Come and Gone,” “Perishables,” “Russian Roulette,” and “Cold Comfort” were all written in response to several break-ups with former boyfriends—I end to fall hard for a guy; consequently, I end up devastated when the relationship ends.  Writing is a very cathartic coping mechanism.  I wrote “Prevention” because I have a twin brother and wanted to play with the evil twin idea. I felt a little paranoid when I wrote “Rampart.” “Raven’s Revenge” was my homage to Edgar Allan Poe. I wrote “Damp Wind and Leaves” against the backdrop of Halloween.  I wrote “Crosshairs” as a tribute to my Catholic upbringing.  I wrote “Initiation Day” in college—I wanted to put a spin on the peer pressure high school students deal with.   I wanted to play with the expression, “You’re the apple of my eye.”  “Apple of My Eye” is the result.  I wrote “EV 2000” to deal with my fear of needles.

I’m glad to know I’m not the only writer who uses their writing to work through issues. Makes me feel less lonely out here in the Ether-net. 😀 It was a pleasure having you pop in, Amy, and share of yourself. You’re welcome back anytime–especially around Halloween.

If you’d like to learn more about Amy and her work check out the following links:

Publisher: Damnation Books








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