Update: Where’s the Fox been Hiding?



The Fox has been hiding in her own mind and boy what a scary place that is.


All jokes aside the past year has been thoroughly entrenched in a nasty case of the writer’s blues. There’s a great number of things I’ve let slide simply because I just couldn’t pull myself out of the pit of OMG! My writing career is over! Why even try? despair. Yeah, we all have our moments, but when I have mine–boy, do I have them. I put on a happy face to the outside world and hope everyone falls for it. At times it works and other times my more observant friends aim the hairy eyeball in my direction.

Problem is when confronted it’s difficult to explain why I feel like a classic country song. You know what I mean: pick-up truck was stolen, significant other ran off with best friend, my dog got run over, house got repossessed, and on top of all that the local bar is out of the only liquor/beer I like. Yeah…the tears in my beer line. 😉

I love my friends, but more often than not they’re wrapped up in their own country sagas and damn my mom for her beating the whole trust no one only rely on yourself crap into my head for the first eighteen years of my life. Guilt eats me up if I even consider unloading and when it gets too much to take I do one of three things.

1) Explode in a none stop whine-fest aka Whoa is me verbal diarrhea.

2) Start snapping at everyone as if I’ve transformed into a rabid pit bull.

3) Crawl into my own personal dark, scary cave and contemplate burial vs. cremation. (Thank you S1 – Dean Winchester!)

Any who…enough of that. The BITCH is back! LOL

In an attempt to make my life much easier and inspire myself to make 2011 the year of the Fox (in other words get my ass in gear) I’ve pared back a great number of things. The Fox  Hole Interviews have been put on hiatus not only due to chaos in my personal life, but also because of the time spent chasing down people who requested interviews. It was incredibly fun doing it in the beginning although it did get nuts there for awhile. I imagine I will bring it back eventually as soon as things settle down. For now though I need to focus on my writing.

I was doing movie reviews for the Pagan & the Pen blog. Unfortunately, that fell by the wayside as did the interviews. It’s been months since I’ve done one. My deepest apologies for fading away into the background. The Pagan & the Pen is a wonderful group run blog originally created by a dear friend and fellow author, C.H. Scarlet. I’ll find my way back, but first thing is first–writing. I hope my fellow authors and pagans understand the need to step back.

So here we are at the final point of this blog. Over the past month I’ve been easing myself back into the skin I started out with, the skin of a writer. That is what I am a writer, pure and simple, and in the past two years since I was first published it seems I forgot this. So, caught up in worrying what everyone else thought or felt I lost sight of why I was here in the first damn place.

In an attempt to set a fire under my ass the decision to keep a tally on what and how much I’m writing everyday has been made. I’ve already started it on my personal Live Journal and now I’ll be doing it here as well. In some way I hope this helps me get back on track.


Genre: m/m erotic romance
Sub-Genre: Paranormal, Horror
Working Title: Reflections
Word Count 12/09/10: 1758
Page Count 12/09/10: 5 pages


Unfortunately the day job kicked the wind out of my sails. Life–what’s to do? 😀


Pending…Report Later Tonight…



2 comments on “Update: Where’s the Fox been Hiding?

  1. Your gonna do fine. Maybe since the day job acts nuts at times, see if you can figure an estimate as to when it does go nuts. Then plan, say, three to five hours to write. No matter WHAT happens, try like hell to write then. And, if you get into a ‘flow’ or the day job is quiet and you get in more….run with it. But at least you will have those few hours…that schedule that you are keeping to. Takes a LOAD of pressure off.

    And don’t worry about the Pagan and the Pen. I gave Brynneth the reigns, and I am sure she totally understands.

    • My apologies for not replying sooner, Mz. Scarlett. Thank you so much for the support and the suggestions. I’m trying my damnedest to get a schedule in place and I am writing it’s just not going as quick as I had hoped, but then hope springs eternal–right? 😉

      Most folks would think working from home would be wonderful. Not so much so with my day job. Some days it’s as if I’m riding a roller coaster and the Tilt-a-Whirl at the same time. *turns green* Other days it’s quiet as a tomb. *sighs* I suppose being a mom is much the same.

      As I told a friend once Why do I need kids? I have an entire building full of overgrown ones!

      I will never surrender!

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