The Human in Humanity: A Holiday Miracle

Just when I’ve lost hope in humanity or came damn close to it something happens to revive my faith in humanity. I have a little story to tell you about what I consider a holiday miracle that just occurred this past Saturday.

Give from the Heart, Blessings shall Return

In Australia there is a brilliant artist who I consider not just my friend, but a member of my family. This woman was one of the people who believed in me as a writer long before I ever had anything published. We’ve been friends for what seems like forever, but in reality has been close to six years.

She’s a single mother raising three kids between 17 and 11. She’s doing this with no help from the father who in my humble opinion is a deadbeat excuse for a human. He’s never paid child support and deserves neutering. Yeah, I don’t like him and he doesn’t like me. Four years ago I encouraged her to go back to school after seeing some of the art she’d done while in high school–she did. She just finished, but was unable to receive her diploma until she paid what most would see as a small amount.

Unfortunately, she owed money for a few things, and there was no money for gifts for the kids either. Depressed and upset over the entire thing as she often does when things get tough she purged about the disaster of the moment on her personal blog. We hadn’t spoken for a while due to our busy schedules, but Saturday we managed to hook up on Skype after I’d spent the evening with my friend Tea.

As we were chatting we were busy doing our own things; e-mail, writing, cleaning, etc. We’d been speaking for about an hour when suddenly an emotional exclamation came over the mike. I asked if she was okay and she explained she had just received an e-mail from Pay Pal saying she’d received money. She had no idea what was going on so she went to check. Moments later we were both in tears.

An acquaintance she’d done a painting for some time ago had deposited $200.00 dollars into her account, sending an e-mail to explain she’d been feeling sorry for herself over something silly and came across her blog entry. Having read the entry she suddenly felt as if she needed to make penance for making so much of such a little thing. She then said she’d accidentally deposited $200.00 into my friend’s account, wishing her a Merry Christmas. My friend was left speechless as was I.

If this were not enough on Sunday (my time) another acquaintance contacted her to say she would like to pay off the school fee so she would be able to receive her diploma. She pinged me on-line in a bit of a panic, unsure how to reply to this second offering. I told her this:

Accept the gift in the grace with which it was given. If you feel odd about accepting the gift then offer to return the favor by doing something for the giver within your means to do.

She did exactly that, offering the giver a painting of anything she would like in return.

I cannot say thank you enough to the two gift givers. My friend is a beautiful, intelligent, and talented person. Without her love and encouragement I more than likely would have never had the courage to step into the waters of professional writing. I can think of few people in my life who have struggled so hard and deserve the kindness they offered her in this holiday season. Not only did they touch her with their generosity, but they gave me a gift as well.

They reinforced my faith in humanity at a time when the point is to give of thyself and do so from your heart.

Happy Holidays & Blessed Be


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