F***able Fridays – You Can’t Say No

Okay, I’m feeling a little frisky plus I had something nice happen today. GO ME! Any who…I was thinking about guys. In particular guys who inspire my frisky heroes when I’m writing. The next thing I did was think 1) It’s Friday! 2) Hot dudes! and the idea to do a weekly Friday post about those heroes came to mind. Something with a naughty title. (I’d do anything to delay mopping those last three staircases).

So, back to my point. Welcome to F***able Fridays! Where I share the many men I drool over as if I were a horny school girl when I’m forming hot for men heroes in my writing. Now without further ado *insert drum roll* here are some of my boys. *hee*

Ian Somerhalder ~ The Vampire Diaries

First let me make it clear I do not watch the “Vampire Diaries” or as I like to call it “Dawson’s Creek w/Fangs”. I tried…I did! Don’t look at me like that. *pouts* I adore vampires, they are my Kryptonite folks, but I couldn’t bring myself to care except when Ian Somerhalder was on screen and that was just about being god damn horny.

Come on, look at the dude. Those lips, that piercing gaze (okay I think someone screwed with the color in this photo) and tell me you wouldn’t drop to your knees for that. I sure in the hell would! It’s not his fault he ended up on a suck arsed vampire show. Okay, maybe it is, but…LOOK AT HIM! *sighs*

Every once in awhile I’ll flip on the show, no sound, so I can get a look at that. Yeah, I’m a sad, sad woman…

T.J. Thyne ~ Bones

I know there might be some of you going–HUH? But seriously folks T. J. Thyne should be on every geeky fan’s UNDIES GO BOOM list. Look at those curls, the smile, and those gorgeous baby blues, not to mention dude is hiding a damn six-pack under that lab coat he wears as Dr. Jack Hodgins on Fox’s hit series Bones. Don’t believe me? Check out the Christmas episode from Season 1 (2005) where he ends up wearing nothing but a towel after he and his partner Zack set off the decontamination security system in the lab.

Wet and wearing just a towel. I do believe that says it all.

I would not say no ladies and gents…nope never.

This geek girl is totally sold on the hotness and f***ability factor of this one.

Aidan Turner ~ BBC's "Being Human"

To tell you the truth I’m not sure who introduced me to the BBC’s “Being Human” but once I do I need to thank them for it. 😉

Aidan Turner is one gorgeous Irishman and he does emo vampire like the Salvatore brothers wish they could. Tortured by his past and trying to fit into the human world is tough when you’re a vampire with a taste for blood and violence.

His dark, classical features and hypnotic gaze if given a chance would melt anyone’s undies in record time. I picked this picture because I could see him playing Heathcliff from Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights the archetype of the tortured Romantic Byronic hero. Dare you deny it? Hmmm…

Yeah, Aidan is definitely high on the list.

Misha Collins ~ Supernatural

My final entry for this edition of F***able Fridays is Misha Collins best known in the genre world as the angel Castiel who rescued Dean Winchester from Hell in the CW’s “Supernatural”.

Misha is a guy who has no problem laughing at himself just ask his fans (they’re known as Misha’s Minions) on Twitter. His sense of humor is well known among fans of the show world-wide. He’s well-educated (served as a White House intern during the Clinton Administration), married to his high school sweetheart, a new father, and despite those great looks is a geek and dork at heart. Now how hot is that?

Misha has the acting chops to switch from angelic savior to dying father and even played a real life Canadian serial killer. He’s talented as well as hot and he’s inspired tons of slash fiction with his portrayal of Castiel. GO MISHA!

Well, that’s it for this week, but pop back in next Friday when I introduce you to more of my boys on F***able Fridays.

Until then, Blessed Be!


2 comments on “F***able Fridays – You Can’t Say No

    • Thanks for stopping by, Erin. 😀

      I really wished I liked Vampire Diaries so I could see Ian more often, but I don’t. If there is anything enticing about that show it is him hands down. Then again I do have a thing for bad boys in black. 😉

      Don’t get me started on Aidan Turner that man is…MEOW! I’m behind on Being Human but I plan on getting my ass in gear. It irritated me to no end when SyFy decided to do an American version of a kick ass show and it make matters worse their Americanized version of his character makes me ashamed of American television. 😛

      Come on back next week and check out the pretties of the week! I’m going to enjoy this.

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