F***able Fridays – Take 2

Welcome back for the second edition of my weekly post F***able Fridays where the pup and I offer up beautiful examples of the men who inspire my heroes. This week I have a group of J’s. That’s right all four of the men you’ll see today all have first names that begin with J and to top it off three of them are from one of my all time favorite shows SUPERNATURAL!

First let me start with one gorgeous man who I never gave much thought to until my lovely friend Petal-Pet informed me he was the lead singer in a band I’d heard of. How do you not know something like that? Apparently, I’m a bit slow on the uptake. *hides under desk* Without further ado let me introduce *insert drum roll*

Jared Leto ~ Actor & Singer

Yes, oh my Goddess…YES! Jared Leto has officially been added to my list of F***able Friday men. I don’t even know where to begin with this gorgeous, intense, and talented guy. Anyone who was in their teens or twenties during the mid-Nineties will remember Jared as the gorgeous slacker Jordan Cantalano, the main love interest of Claire Dane’s character Angela in My So-Called Life.  Through the 90’s and into the 2000’s Jared established himself as an actor in Hollywood who did not allow himself to be typecast. He appeared in such films as Urban Legend, The Thin Red Line; Girl, Interrupted, the cult classic Fight Club, and the infamous American Psycho.

Throughout his rise in fame in Hollywood he’s performed with the band 30 Seconds to Mars which he founded with his brother, Shannon Leto. One of the things about him that captured my heart was he refuses to use his Hollywood status to promote the band. He never allows his name mentioned on any promotional material for the band’s concerts. For me that is the true mark of a man who wants to be known for his talent not for his name. If you’ve never heard 30 Seconds to Mars you need to they are incredible. Here’s an example of their music, one of my favorites The Kill (Bury Me). The video is an homage to The Shining.

My second hot F***able guy of the week is the first of three from my favorite show Supernatural which is in its sixth season. Check this one out and be careful of the heat. 😉

Jared Padalecki aka Puppy!

Holy shit! Where do I start? I should feel like a dirty old cougar checking this one out. Okay, I am a dirty old cougar. *snorts* This guy is 6′ 4″ of never ending heat with the sense of humor and personality of an oversized puppy. Thus he’s referred to by the fans of the show as Puppy! Yes, it’s another Jared. What can I say? I have a thing for men named Jared. This kid is one hell of an actor and another example of you never know how that skinny kid in Chess Club is going to turn out. That’s right! His hotness is not just his looks, but his intelligence. He’s a chess player and in high school back in ol’ San Antonio, Texas he competed in debate tournaments, even winning a national title. He’s also a spokesperson for A Dog’s Life, a Los Angeles based non-profit animal rescue organization that he has actually volunteered time to. Yes, Jared Padalecki is the whole package, ladies & gents.

Number three plays Jared Padalecki’s older brother Dean Winchester in Supernatural. The first thing I thought when I saw this guy was Damn he has some gorgeous c***sucking lips. Most women would die to have lips like this. Check my number three F***able guy and the second hottie from Supernatural out!

Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles has been around for some time, but you might be unaware of just how long. Originally he planned on going into sports medicine although he’d modeled as a child. Despite his father being a character actor he hadn’t planned on following his footsteps. After graduating high school he fell into acting. He started out on Days of Our Lives in 1997 playing Eric Brady and won Best Male Newcomer in 1998 at the Soap Opera Digest Awards at the tender age of 20. He went on to play two roles in James Cameron’s Dark Angel, Dawson’s Creek, and Smallville before landing the role of Dean Winchester. He has one of the most rabid fan bases around. Who can blame the fans though? With his classical features, those lips to die for, and what we fans refer to as his ‘woobie eyes’. And let’s not forget the boy can sing, play guitar, not to mention those freckles and bow legs! Sexy!

My last F***able Friday guy of the week is the oldest of my featured guys to date. He also played the father of my previous two guys on Supernatural which is where I discovered him. For those not into Supernatural his most famous television role was as Denny Duquette the heart patient who captured Izzie Stevens heart in Grey’s Anatomy. Without further ado introducing…

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

This guy is for me the epitome of the perfect fantasy guy. One of my friends forced me to admit I squeed upon viewing a new photo shoot he’d done. Although embarrassed to admit it, after too damn many years to count I finally found a guy who makes me squeak like a teenager in heat. *blushes* Jeffrey is not just a successful actor (The Watchmen, P.S. I Love You, The Accidental Husband, The Losers, etc.) but an artist, loves to cook, adores animals (he has one dog Bisou and another Bandit who he rescued in Puerto Rico while filming The Losers). He rides a freaking Harley people…a HARLEY! *squeaks* He respects women as well. To this day he sports a scar from an incident where he was driving along and saw a guy beating up a woman. He turned around and stepped in only to have the woman hit him with a beer bottle for punching her abusive boyfriend. Go figure. *rolls eyes* He also maintains a close relationship with his parents and when it comes to manners he’s an old school gentleman. He surprised Rachael Ray when he appeared on her show and pulled her chair out for her.

A guy like him could turn me into a crazed stalker–I think. 😀

Okay, enough squeeing for today folks. Tune in next week when I bring you another edition of F***able Fridays!


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