Persecution of an Erotic-Romance Writer

This morning I woke up to what promised to be an incredibly busy day at my day job. Sitting down to retrieve my e-mails I was surprised to find a post about something that shouldn’t be happening in 2011, but sadly did and does in the corners of small town America.

Judy Mays is the pseudonym of a 25 year veteran high school English teacher in Snyder County, Pennsylvania. Apparently a group of holier than thou parents in her small town discovered this and were outraged. How dare this woman who teaches their children actually practice what she teaches by writing books and selling them? How dare she write about erotic things when she is a teacher? These civil minded Christian parents (snorts) decided to go to the local ABC affiliate with their outrage and what they apparently saw as the story of the century. What is more shameful is the affiliate ran a short piece on the story going as far as to contact the woman’s boss at her place of employment.

My reaction…what the fuck? Pardon my French.

Since when is what a person does in their free time anyone’s business? Especially when there is nothing illegal involved. Judy is an English teacher, she writes erotic romance “FOR ADULTS” on the side to supplement her income. How is that deserving of having reporters poking into her private life? Oh, and another question if these lovely parents (all middle age women) do not read what they describe as “disgusting” then how did they discover Judy’s books? One parent states she can’t even believe someone would write such stuff. Really? Come on are you living under a rock woman? Not only that she goes on to insinuate that Judy might be looking at her son in a way that is inappropriate. Okay…now she’s went from a writer to a possible child molester? WTF! Seriously what the fuck people.

In this day and age with all the things parents should be worried about (drugs, gangs, alcohol, teen pregnancy, etc.) this hand full of idiotic women lash out at a woman who deserves better. She’s a respected teacher. She took a pen name for a reason. It’s not as though anyone knew about her second job until you harpies ran to the local news and started screeching like cats in heat. She went to great lengths to separate her two jobs and you know what? This is exactly the reason she did it. To protect herself from ignorant, self-righteous assholes like you.

I sympathize with Judy. Having grown up in a small town I know these types. If you don’t fit in a box of their making then you’re on their list of people to persecute and bully. I was lucky enough to escape my small town, but I still write under a pseudonym and this is exactly why. You never know who is snuffling around your personal business nor how your bosses might react if they discover your writing. In my case I not only write erotic-romance, but gay erotic-romance with a side of horror/thriller. The word erotic drives the close-minded folks crazy.

Before I ever became published I was the victim of internet bullying. The person in question not only accused me of being a child molester and a pervert, but threatened to call the police/FBI on the group we were both a part of. What was the cause of all this kerfuffle? A clearly marked NC-17 story about a threesome between two women and guy all over the age of 30. Yeah, that obviously makes me a child molester and a pervert. *rolls eyes* If that’s the case then what the hell does that make you? You read the story and then had the nerve to act horrified and disgusted by it. What was the problem? Did I write such good sex you were turned on by it and then had a healthy dose of Catholic guilt after the fact?

Judy doesn’t deserve any of this crap and that is exactly what it is–Grade A crap. In the 21st century in a society that likes to believe it is open-minded there are still those bound and determined to snatch the rights of others from beneath their noses. As long as we have the Constitution in this country they can try all they want. Our founding fathers gave us the right of free speech and the people who are persecuting those like Judy need to realize something. The same rights they have to do what they are doing Judy and all writers like her are entitled to as well.

If you don’t want to read it fine–don’t. If you don’t want to buy it–don’t. But despite all your underhanded sneaky bullshit we all still have the right to create and sell it as long as it is not illegal. Which despite your delicate sensibilities is not illegal.

Too hell with the lot of you!

If you would like to support Judy Mays join me and over 5,000 others at Support Judy Mays on Facebook.

If you would like to see the original news story done by WNEP 16 Scranton, PA entitled “Parents: English Teacher Writes Racy Novels” follow this LINK and scroll through the videos.

Supporting Judy is supporting all our rights!

Until Later…Blessed Be!


6 comments on “Persecution of an Erotic-Romance Writer

  1. In my humble opinion, it’s time for the ‘moral majority’ to wise up. Those people who protest things they don’t have the ability to do are just animating their ignorance for the whole world to see.

    • Thanks for dropping by and for the fabulous comment. I agree 100% with you. The ‘moral majority’ needs to keep their own doorstep clean before they go sniffing around other people’s stoops.

      Ignorance and sour grapes is what I see here, but this could affect this woman’s job and her personal life. It bother’s me to no end that these women believe they have the right to play God with another individual’s life. Nothing here is illegal. If it were then I could see their point. All they’ve managed to do is best case scenario give Judy Mays some major attention which could lead to her getting more sales than she would have otherwise.

      • That’s an awesome thought! It would be great if her books began to sell like hotcakes! 🙂 It would serve those busybodies right and she would get the acclaim she deserves! 😀

  2. I think it’s stupid for people to over react to the whole erotic writing anyway, much less persecute an innocent woman. It’s almost like being in the days
    of Salem and being found in the middle of the friggin fire because of being tormented by people who don’t understand the craft.

    Now seriously, the author/woman was doing nothing wrong. Way to go for posting this! I’m posting the link on FB this needs to be seen.

    • Thank you for stopping by Angel.

      This entire thing is about a small group trying to force their opinion about an art form on the world in general. Yes, it is just another form of persecution much as the Salem Witch Trial’s were. Yet another example of religious beliefs pointing fingers at something they either do not understand or they just do not approve of.

      Judy Mays did nothing wrong and the more people who hear about this modern day witch hunt the better. Simply put this is an infringement on Ms. Mays freedom of speech. The problem here is that what this group has done is to put a woman’s career and personal relationships in jeopardy. Although I hope I’m wrong I’ve seen such things play out in negative ways before. It may be something small at this point, but serious problems always begin with tiny wounds.

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