The Bitch is Back & Other Things

Okay, so I am the worst blogger ever, but I have reasons–lame ass reasons–but reasons never the less. Between two jobs, a problem child (one of the tenants in the building I manage), trying to finish my present manuscript, and a serious bout of insomnia I had my hands full. I know part of my problem was not taking my vitamins. I’m anemic and have been since I was a child. I know this and yet stop taking the iron rich vitamins I need, usually due to lack of money. When I say I’m on a tight budget I’m not kidding. If it were any tighter I would be cut in half.

Any who…I’ve started getting shit back under control, not that it’s been easy. It hasn’t, but I know there are folks out there who have worse problems than I do. My biggest issue is taking care of myself. I spend way too much of my time neglecting myself in favor of supporting the people I care about and internalizing my own problems. Eventually something has to give. It’s usually me.

Now that I am back on track or at the least balanced on the edge of the track things are looking up. So, the bitch is back! LOL

My writing is going better after a temporary hiatus (little bastard muses decided to take a mini-vacation without permission). I’ve been back on my vitamins for a few days, but already feel the changes, I’ve slept better the past couple of nights, and I’m looking forward to the wayward child leaving at the end of the month. Anyone who thinks being an apartment manager is easy money is a damn fool. After six years of doing it I have to say no it’s not easy, but it is very rewarding and it definitely has a learning curve.

For a writer who has struggled everyday for the past 10 months with having to start from the beginning again having this job has introduced me to so many interesting people. It has also given me insight to the human condition; how far people can fall and how desperate they can become to get what they want.

Hopefully this will be (after a few false starts) a new beginning.

Until Later & Blessed Be


2 comments on “The Bitch is Back & Other Things

  1. Everyone has their rough points so you never know one day to the next what will happen. And, unfortunately life happens. Wish I could crawl up into story after story and live a dream sometimes when life gets to be too much, but it isn’t reality so the writing along with other things go to the back burner while being responsible comes first. Take care of yourself!

    • It would be lovely to be able to crawl into those stories, but yeah real life happens and damn my parents *chuckles* they raised a responsible human being. Being responsible can suck on so many levels. 😉

      Most of my creative life has taken a back burner. I’m not a fast writer, Goddess I wish I was, but as in everything else I have a tendency to drive myself nuts trying to make it the best I can. I never thought of myself as a perfectionist until I started seriously writing over a decade ago, but writing is the one thing I am most definitely anal about. *blushes*

      I promise I’ll try to take care of myself and you do the same, hon’.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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