Paranormal: Why do people assume it’s evil?

As a writer I have a vivid imagination as I am sure any writer does. My favorite stories to create are paranormal stories. In fact I’m working on a few paranormal manuscripts now. The main one is a paranormal thriller involving unsolved murders and the spirits of the victims. One of the others is a vampire tale. Now I don’t believe in vampires per se, but I do believe in the existence of things we are not capable of explaining by modern means of science. I’ve been fascinated by the paranormal since I was a child so it makes sense I would enjoy creating stories involving paranormal elements.

Over the summer, I watched as many movies and documentaries as I could about the paranormal everything from ghosts to demons and aliens to mythological creatures. The one thing that stood out to me in the documentaries the most was the constant cry of It’s evil! and frankly that drives me nuts. Why as humans do we feel the need to label the things we don’t understand as evil? It’s not as though this is anything new. For centuries, anything humanity could not understand or explain they’ve labeled evil, demonic, or whatever word means it’s out to get you.

Take for example a conversation I had with a friend a few years back. This friend was experiencing strange things including voices in their home and of course the first reaction is fear. It is always fear. I’m not saying I’ve never had a case of the heebie-jeebies as my mother used to call them. I have. There is one particular house (it belongs to an uncle) that you could not pay me enough to spend the night alone in not because I believe the entity evil, but rather the level of anger it possesses.

The way I explained it to my friend is this:

Imagine one day you woke up and everyone you knew refused to acknowledge you were there. You scream and rant and rave, but no one seems to know you’re there. Imagine the slow build of fear followed by frustration which then blooms into full-blown anger. Wouldn’t you start messing with those people? Move their shit around and even at one point start tossing shit around. Hell, even we do that when we’re living and breathing why not do the same thing after we pass from the physical realm.

Being a disembodied spirit must be frustrating as hell, especially if you’re unaware that you’re dead. I should know because I’m a sensitive. Now, I can see those disbelieving eyebrows of the skeptics raising to all new heights. Do I want to argue with you about this? No, not really. I respect others beliefs no matter how wild and crazy I might believe they are. Because let’s be honest here–no matter how much humans in general think they know we really don’t know jack shit. We can only theorize, contemplate, and experiment until we know what we believe is the answer. The answer we discover is rarely the final answer.

I consider myself a spiritual person, but balk at the idea of religion as the be all end all. I don’t adhere to any single faith because to me religion is a synthetic construct, much of it centuries old, created to either explain away our fears or created to allow the 1% to control the 99%. Many religious beliefs cross from one to another, often wording is changed, but the sentiment is the same.

My belief is there are far more things out there in the universe than we can ever hope to understand fully. If we knew everything life would be boring as hell and there would be no room for imagination or creativity.

To assume that the things we do not understand or that we fear are evil is ridiculous in my humble opinion. Because we simply fear or do not understand them the need to label them as such hearkens back to a time when our ancestors lived in a dark cave, struggling to survive day-to-day. Humans have evolved incredibly fast in the big picture yet we have light years to go.

Someday perhaps we’ll all communicate with what we fear now, understanding that this physical realm is not the end, but merely a stop on a far greater journey than we are willing to see in this time. After all at one point what we know as medicine now was once considered the work of the Devil, we believed the Earth was flat, that it was the center of the universe, and many other things we now mock in this modern age. Is the idea we continue to exist after physical death any different a concept when we really open our minds.

As my BFF’s teenage son said the other day:

We’re all made of matter and matter never ceases to exist, it simply changes form.

So, let’s all quit being crazy and quit screaming EVIL! as we march through life waving our burning torches and pitchforks. After all it’s the 21st Century folks not the Dark Ages. 😉

Until Later…Blessed Be



4 comments on “Paranormal: Why do people assume it’s evil?

  1. From a Wiccan/Pagan’s stand point, first off let me say thank you for posting this. Second, when you figure the logic out please let me know, lol. I’ve been trying to figure the mystery of it out since I was about 13. I’ll be 39 in 7 days. 🙂

    • As a solitary pagan (I’ve learned not to use the term pagan in mixed company) I say you’re more than welcome. I myself have been obsessed with the paranormal for far longer than I would care to admit (I’ll be 44 in February). It drives me up the proverbial wall when I watch these paranormal docu-dramas where the people involved start throwing words around such as demonic, evil, satanic, and so on and so forth.

      Unfortunately, humanity has two modes fight or flight and in cases of things we might not understand we kick into flight mode. Shortly thereafter we turn to what both religion and Hollywood have drilled into our heads–paranormal = evil. Hey, I enjoy a good horror movie as well as the next person, but if I went into terror mode every time I ran into what is considered paranormal/supernatural I would have ended up in my own private rubber room years ago.

      Perhaps growing up in a family touched by the “unknown” has left me far more open than the average joe–who knows? What I do know is the torch waving has got to stop. *sighs*

      Thanks for stopping by and encouraging my own special flavor of crazy. 😀

  2. very interesting! Ive also always been drawn to the unknown. I too hate it when the majority of people follow a religion because everyone else they know do too. I am different and proud of it. Keep on writing some more paranormal stuff. I do believe ghosts are always here just on a different level. I am able to pick up on them occasionally, but i dont tell most people as they immediately assume evil..

    • Thanks for stopping by I appreciate it!

      For years I hid the fact I could sense spirits because my early experiences with talking about it were unpleasant. Around the time I was 30 I started noticing there were more people talking about paranormal things around me. I stuck my toe in the waters and became friends with others who felt the same way I did.

      You might be surprised how many people out there are in tune with the spiritual realm. I know I was, but as long as we have the fear mongers out there it will never be openly accepted by the religious wing.

      Trust me I will continue to write about the paranormal being as its a big part of my life. 😀

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