Hollywood’s Hidden Messages?

Hollywood has a message? OMG!

When I was younger I learned a lesson most of us refuse to accept or perhaps are simply blind to. The lesson? There are two subjects you never bring up over the dinner table or in polite conversation–politics and religion. Both these subjects are explosive as anyone who’s had the ill luck to stumble into the middle of one of those conversations can tell you. There is nothing polite in any conversation about politics or religion.

Now normally I would never bring these up. I’ve had my head bitten off more than once for my beliefs and once you’ve been there done that, one tends to become a bit gun-shy. In my case I’m just too fucking tired and old to give a shit anymore about hurting people’s delicate sensibilities. Maybe that’s why earlier this year I discovered myself in a conversation that ended with someone (who will remain nameless/faceless) threatening to knock my fucking head off. Or why I reacted with this post after seeing a link to a post on The Guardian on my Facebook page HERE.

The author of this article along with fan’s of Frank Miller (the writer who breathed new life into Batman in the late 80’s and the creator of such dark, violent graphic novels as 300 and Sin City) were shocked the writer and director attacked the Occupy Wall Street movement. Seriously? Shocked? I find it difficult to believe if you’re an actually fan of Mr. Miller. It’s not as if the man has never voiced his opinion–that’s what writer’s do! Yes, I said it and no I will not argue with those people who are still Clueless in Wonderland. It is simply fact.

Writer’s are human and have opinions, whether right or wrong those opinions have been voiced in the written word since man learned how to write. Words are a powerful and often dangerous tool in the hands of a writer depending on their intent. Mary Shelley who wrote Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus was voicing a popular opinion of her time when she created one of the most enduring literary classics of the 19th Century. Although when most people hear the word Frankenstein they think horror Ms. Shelley was writing a morality tale. Many people in the early 19th Century were horrified and outraged by the path medical science was taking and the lengths these scientists were willing to go. She simply drew upon that outrage and created what most of them feared; a man, a scientist who’d gone too far and imagined himself God-like enough he created life. As with any giant leap in science both politics and religion played a big part in suppression of new ideas by creating a terrifying image of where those ideas might lead.

In this world of technological freedom it has only become easier for anyone with an opinion to voice it in an open forum i.e. this blog entry. *chuckles* Some writers have an even broader audience as their body of work expands leading to places like Hollywood. Speaking as a writer myself I can tell you my writing is fueled by anything from the simplest image to the greatest frustration and outrage at what I see and hear in my daily life. Just because it’s entertaining doesn’t mean there is no message and as most writers through history would tell you it is better if you cloak your thoughts in something artistic and entertaining. It became common place to do this to keep from being prosecuted centuries ago (no one wants to be hanged, shot, or burnt at the stake) and even now persecution for ones ideas and beliefs occur despite the punishments being different.

Since Hollywood came into existence the writers of movies have voiced opinions to the viewing public. When the corporate suits took over Hollywood they of course as those before them would push their ideas and politics as well. The problem is their veil is so thin it might as well be considered nonexistent and yet they believe they’re clever as all get out. The reason they believe this is because we as a society have become complacent and allowed them to tell us what WE should believe. As long as we walk into a theater and hand our money over they will continue to crank out their crap. We’ve been dazzled by the bright and shiny, blinded by the light so to speak.

I’m not defending the opinions of people like Frank Miller, but rather defending their right to voice that opinion no matter how far outfield it maybe. We all have that right as human beings, but acting shocked by something that’s been right in your face all along if you’d bothered to actually look amuses me to no end.

Last time I checked this was a free country and if you don’t like what you see or hear change the channel, put down that graphic novel, and don’t shell out that ungodly sum to watch that movie. Learn to think for yourself and not become another lemming about to leap off the cliff to certain death.

If we don’t buy it folks, they won’t sell it. Holy shit, Batman! That’s one hell of an idea–isn’t it?

Until Later…Blessed Be,


4 comments on “Hollywood’s Hidden Messages?

  1. It’s funny you posted this. I wanted to read it earlier, but me and my husband and daughter went to my brother and sister in law’s house earlier.
    I posted a blog on here just the other day on the origins of some of the holidays, Christian and Wiccan/Pagan. You wouldn’t believe the drama I received over that from my mom’s boyfriend!

    Everyone has a right to their opinion on things and their views. The post was from Wednesday at 949 a.m. on my FB page of all places without him even reading the blog post! Send me your FB link. I have it set where my posts can only be seen by friends, but if this outraged you, wait until you see what got said before he took my advice to “get off my fucking page”.
    Send me a friend request, I’ll add ya

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