Ghosts: What Do They Look Like?

I was yammering to a couple of my tenants earlier and got on the subject of ghosts. Now that might seem an odd subject for a conversation, but then you wouldn’t know me very well. *chuckles*

You’d be surprised at the people who believe in the paranormal when you start talking. I think everyone has experienced something of the paranormal whether they believe or not. I have had many experiences with the paranormal/supernatural or as some folks like to refer to it The Next Crazy Train to Nuttyville. Whatever you like to call it is fine by me, but I’m one of those who prefer to believe while adding a healthy dose of doubt when it comes to jumping on the Crazy Train.

Any who…

On to the point of this mini-blog post. Question of the day: What do ghosts look like?

I prefer to think they look as they did in life. Often appearing as solid as you or I, but I also believe it takes energy for them to manifest as such and some spirits are stronger than others. Three and a half years ago I captured something in a friend’s basement in her condo complex. I’d sat the photo aside (taken with a digital camera) until this conversation earlier. One of my tenants, an elderly man, snorted when I told him and the other tenant about the photo and the story behind it. To be honest I’m not sure what I captured. A professional photographer even looked at it and had no idea what would cause this. Let’s just say I’ve never since had a photo like this taking this one. The camera was brand new, a fully charged battery, and was on the auto setting which allows the camera to decide if it needs to use the flash or not.

Frankly, I’d love to hear any theories my readers out there might have. And before you ask…no there were no people in front of me when this photo was taken. It was one of many random photos taken at the time and it was at the base of a set of enclosed basement stairs with a single 60 watt bulb hanging from the landing before the stairs curved out of sight.

Opinions please?

Until Later…Blessed Be!


3 comments on “Ghosts: What Do They Look Like?

  1. Oh, I most definitely felt something. The friend had only been at her condo a few months and much like me comes from a family with sensitive tendencies. Whatever was there scared the crap out of her so on the request of her mom I agreed to take a peek.

    I believe this is the prankster spirit that wandered the basement. After twenty minutes of being touched and becoming irritated I demanded the little shit show itself. Seconds later I took this photo although at the time I had no idea I’d been taken up on the offer.

    Being one who doesn’t jump to conclusions I spoke to a lot of folks at the time including allowing my friend’s mother to pass said photo to the professional photographer. There were lots of theories, all of which the pro blew out of the water.

    I’ve since believed I did catch a spirit and if anyone can explain it I’ll be more than open to listening. Believe or not I leave it up to the individual.

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