Creation of a Manuscript 04: Sex & the Supernatural

Long ago in a land far away I once had a writing partner. We wrote some wonderful, sexy, m/m fan fiction together, but there was one thing my writing partner refused to write–a human man having sex with a male ghost. I didn’t get it then and I still don’t understand. I believe if I recall it had something to do with ghosts not having physical bodies. No physical body available, how can they fuck? My brain doesn’t work like that, but no matter the argument I could never change her mind.

I’ve had this obsessive need to write a sex scene between a spirit and a human for ages. To be honest I believe it started with a book when I was a teenager. My mother bought the book but was so horrified by something in it she tossed it in the fire and burnt it to ash. It wasn’t until I was eighteen and managed to get my hands on said book only to be surprised by the reason behind my mother’s horror. It was a classic haunted house tale, but with a twist–the ghost wanted the female lead and took her by force. Yep, it was a rape scene where a ghost raped a woman. That in my opinion was scary and it accomplished what the writer set out to do, terrify the reader with the idea of a rapist you couldn’t see. It definitely worked.

Ghost Sex?

In creating my manuscript I’ve written myself to a point I never imagined. The scene which I’m creating at the moment can go one of three ways and I’m unsure which way my muses will drag me. The scene involves a spirit, both of my main characters, and sex. Whichever way my muses go neither will be pretty, but I’m driving myself nuts trying to decide. Here are the three options:

1. Spirit and main male character have sex while spirit takes on the form of the secondary male character.

2. Spirit possesses secondary male character and has sex with main male character.

3. Obsession occurs between spirit and secondary male character, influencing him to have sex with main character.

Like I said, not pretty because either decision I make leads to a rape scenario adding more tension between the main and secondary male characters. There is no way around avoiding this, I’m not making light of the idea of rape, and it happens for a reason not just because. The scene plays a big part in what happened in the house 50 years earlier and leads to…well I don’t want to spoil my story line for any potential readers. It’s important and I’ll leave it at that.

What I need to hear from folks out there is how they feel about the idea of a spirit having sexually contact with a human. It’s not as if this is even unheard of in paranormal case studies or even as if it’s a new idea within the context of fiction. It is something that might offend or horrify certain people and I would like to hear some opinions.

Looking forward to hearing from any readers or fellow writers out there on this subject.

Until Later…Blessed Be


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