Sour Grapes, Simply Frustration or 50 Shades of Bullshit

I’ve been absentee for a bit now not from lack of wanting to blog, but rather in an attempt to finish the manuscript I’ve been struggling with for the past 10 months. Being a writer is difficult at times especially when you have no support to speak of and maybe that’s my fault who the hell knows. *sighs* Telling me my work is better than this person or that does absolutely nothing to help. I simply feel as if I’m having the proverbial smoke blown up my ass.

Creating believable characters and worlds is far from easy, but it was something I loved doing. It was a part of who I am. I research the shit out of things, consider options, and try to create something unique. Just when I think I’ve got my groove back then something happens that pisses me off to no end.

E. L. James is that something today.

Creator of what seems to be the hottest commodity of the day the erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey has just sold the rights to Universal Studios and Focus for a rumored $5 million. Seriously? WTF? Now before you go stomping your foot and telling me I’m suffering a serious case of sour grapes there is more to it than that.

E.L. James is the pseudonym of a Twilight fan-fiction writer. I have no problem with that considering I myself write fan-fiction. What I do have a problem with along with a number of other on-line folks is that Fifty Shades of Grey was born as a Twilight fan-fiction, apparently posted on-line as such, and the writer simply used the fans to get free feedback before changing the names of the characters to get it published. Whatever happened to actually creating something unique without riding the success of someone else?

I don’t know this woman, but she’s not the first fan-fiction writer to do something like this and she has fandom on high alert and ready to mob–pitchforks, torches, and all. I might write fan-fiction, but the work I did publish was 100% my own; my blood, sweat, and tears. It was not a fan-fiction with the names changed to keep from being prosecuted by an enthusiastic lawyer.  This type of crap is going to blow up in the faces of the fandom community at some point.

Sour Grapes? You decide.

Call it what you may sour grapes or simply frustration. What I call it is a betrayal of ethics. One of the major rules among fandom writers is we never take credit for the creations we play with and we never make money from playing with them. Slap a coat of paint on it, change the names, do what you will but no matter what you cannot change an apple into an orange.

Shame on Universal and Focus for not doing their research. Shame on E.L. James for selling out the fandom community.

LINKS ON E.L. JAMES:,,20578460,00.html



Until Later

Blessed Be…


2 comments on “Sour Grapes, Simply Frustration or 50 Shades of Bullshit

  1. Sour grapes? You damn right. I don’t “play in somebody else’s backyard” I like blazing my own trails. Fan fic, well it’s not my cup of tea but if it’s yours, go for it. Considering some things I’ve written have shown up in books or movies I haven’t watched and are very similar–that’s just pure luck. But doing it deliberately? Well, that’s just plagurism (or however the hell you spell that word). I despise marketing, blogging, pandering, and doing other “self-prostitution” when it comes to the after-effects of getting published. But that’s me. I hope this makes sense, I’m really tired right now… LOL.

    • It all makes perfect sense to me at least! LOL

      I started out writing fan-fiction 12+ years ago and I still do, but nothing like in the beginning. For me it was a place of learning (grammar, punctuation, research, story form and how to take critique). I met some wonderful people by being involved. Over the years though its changed and not for the better. It seems now that the majority of the newer generation of fandom writers have a sense of entitlement they didn’t have when I started off. They have no ethics to speak of and they see nothing wrong about what this woman did.

      It irritates the hell out of me to be honest. My pro stuff is exactly that–MINE! 100% no ifs, ands, or buts about it. I’m struggling to get and keep my foot in the door every day. To have some self-entitled ass wipe get rewarded for doing something like this nauseates me.

      Yeah, sour-grapes it is then. *winks*

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