Rediscovering a First Love

Ages ago or so it seems my first love was art not writing. Hell, if you talked to my teachers (especially in high school) trying to get me to write anything was like pulling teeth without Novocaine.

Art was the center of my universe. It was the one thing that made me happy as a kid. As I grew older I imagined moving to New York and becoming a comic artist. Yeah, I was a huge geek as a kid, but weren’t we all geeks about something? Any who…on to the point. Eventually real life reared its ugly head and I left that dream behind for more adult pursuits such as…oh I don’t know…getting a job and putting a roof over my head. I tried to continue, but the cost of art supplies became outrageous.

That was around 15 years ago when I set the dream aside. And then a friend asked me out of the blue if I would do a mural on her living room wall a few weeks ago. I was hesitant at first. After all if I’d been any rustier I would have needed a gallon of WD-40. Of course I agreed telling her I couldn’t guarantee how good it would be considering how long it had been since I did any decent work.

Saturday afternoon I started the mural and I shocked myself. This is an ongoing project, but one I’ve often dreamed of doing. Below are a couple of photos; one of me working on the charcoal sketch of the first panel (there will be three) and another of the finished sketch of the Hart. Thought I would share it.

Mural Panel 01 working








Mural Panel 01 Sketch Done








Hope you like what you see.

Until Later,

forest skull sig



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