Bucket List 02 – Climbing a Mountain

I suppose I should have written about the entire climbing a mountain thing before the paranormal investigation thing since I climbed the mountain in July. Oh, hell…Screw it.

There are some rules when you go for a casual weekend hike. The first rule is to know–really know–where the fuck you’re going. See the whole mountain climbing thing was the idea of my friend TM. The two of us have done a number of hikes over the past few years. It’s good for both of us, me in particular. I have degenerative arthritis in both my knees courtesy of my maternal genetics. Then I have another form of arthritis in both my ankles courtesy of having broken both ankles fifteen years apart. The last ankle required surgery and I have two metal plates along with nine screws in that one permanently.

So, yeah a casual hike is good. It’s like that stupid commercial says, “…a body in motion stays in motion.”

The problem was she chose Taum Sauk mountain and trust me when I say that hike is not for casual hikers. Especially if said hiker (that would be me) has a bum leg as bad as my left one. Of course heading out I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I said, “Sure, sounds fun.”

Taum Sauk mountain is the highest point in the state of Missouri. Not a problem. What I didn’t know is when I agreed to this little afternoon jaunt in the Ozarks was the paths were steep as hell going both up and down. Not to mention most of them were not even close to smooth, but rather jagged, rocky, and at one spot about a foot and a half wide with a sheer drop off on one side the other a sheer cliff. The place is beautiful beyond words, but dangerous and haunted as well.

There is a legend about Taum Sauk, a bloody, savage legend the native Americans told. A legend of love gone horribly wrong. You can read the legend HERE.

Below are a couple of photos of the area:

Taum Sauk 01                Mina Sauk Falls 02


Sadly, the waterfall known as Mina Sauk Falls was not as spectacular as the photo above due to the fact we had drought conditions all of last year. There was water, but nothing like that.

By the time we’d reached the falls I was exhausted. By the time we were a quarter of the way back I was a dehydrated, pain-wracked, pathetic excuse for a human being. I’d also cursed my friend to the ends of the earth, threatened to murder her, and leave her body to the bugs that had decided to eat me alive. It was not a pleasant experience and if she’d told me I was going to be fine one more time I might have actually went through with my murder threat.

Thankfully, some better prepared hikers came back with water and assurances that all I had to do was make it around the corner and the paved trail back to the parking lot would appear. Those hikers must have thought I was losing my mind. I admit I had a moment of temporary insanity. I blame the pain and the heat. Suffice to say I survived our little nightmare of an adventure and slept the entire hour and a half drive back to St. Louis.

I think perhaps TM really did think I was going to kill her. *chuckles*

Take this as a warning kids. Know before you go. I’m damned sure I was waiting for the roar of a chainsaw or the sound of banjos to start up toward the end. Now I know why Hollywood thinks horror should happen in the backwoods of the asshole of nowhere…

Until Later

Blessed Be

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