I’m Back…!

It’s been eight months since I’ve posted here and as always I’m ashamed of myself for neglecting. Not to mention I have to wonder how people do this on a daily basis. My life seems boring to say the very least and don’t even get me started on my opinions about anything.

Yeah, that mud hole MOFO!

Yeah, that mud hole you stupid MOFO!

First of all the Nano writing thing failed completely. Yeah, flopped like a half-raw pancake hitting the floor when you try to show off by doing some idiotic flip that you have no talent for doing. Then you end up with a mess that has more resemblance to a shammy you’ve used to clean an ATV after a race through the mud. Ick! *shudders*

I’ve also had two deaths in my family one which was sad as all fuck all considering she wasn’t much older than me. The other was expected…my uncle who just turned 90. Death is death though and it shakes you down to the core of your soul. I don’t know anyone who can be oblivious about it unless you’ve never lost anyone close to you. Death is simply one of those things we all have to face eventually. It’s not fair sometimes, but then no one ever said life was fair in the least.

The depression is getting more difficult to deal with and I’ve lost my shit far too damn often since the beginning of the year. The only positive thing I can say is I did finish a short story which was a part of a fan-fiction series I’d been writing (it only took me a bloody year!). Hey, it’s something though isn’t it?

Well, that’s it for now, but I’m hoping to be around more often. Perhaps a wee bit of bitching now and then could help with that pesky depression.

Until Later

Blessed Be,

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